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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Doctors, clinics' licences may be suspended over botched circumcision

The Health Ministry might suspend the medical licences of the doctors and clinics related to the two recently reported botched circumcision cases.
Its Minister Dr S Subramaniam said however, that a thorough investigation was necessary to establish whether the doctors had really committed an act of negligence while carrying out the procedure.
He said the ministry had taken two actions, firstly through the Malaysian Medical Council to investigate whether or not, the circumcision procedure had been done according to medical professionalism standard.
Secondly, he said, the ministry would scrutinise the health practices of the clinics which have an obligation to provide adequate facilities and carry out any operation smoothly.
"It is incumbent on the clinic to contain any risk involved in any operation," he told reporters after visiting the community at Batu Anam, Segamat today.
The two cases which happened in Kuala Lumpur involved a nine-year-old and a 10-year-old.

Dr Subramaniam said if the families of the boys wanted to seek compensation, they had to refer the matter to the court as the ministry does not have jurisdiction over the issue.
On another botched case that allegedly happened in Selangor, he said the ministry would investigate it.
Meanwhile, he said the number of botched cases in the country was minimal, but due to information technology advancement, much hype was given to the two cases particularly through social media.
- Bernama

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