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Friday, January 13, 2017

Don’t expect authorities to cancel Jho Low’s passport

YOURSAY | ‘This alleged crook is untouchable because if he falls, all will go down as well.’
CQ Muar: The nagging question with regard to the huge sums of money being siphoned out of the country to allegedly finance PM Najib Razak's stepson in procuring US assets without interception from Bank Negara is a wonder.
There were strict money-transferring bank procedures to follow over such hefty transactions; surely the then governor was fully aware of such serious offence, didn't she?
Why then didn't she blow the whistle over the impropriety, which was clearly an act of money laundering? For her silence, couldn't she be associated as an accomplice under the Banking Act?
Goldee: 1MDB is a Malaysian company set up with Malaysia's sovereign funds.
Foreign countries are investigating it for money laundering, misappropriation of funds, corruption, etc, but sad to say our Malaysian authorities are taking things easy as if it has nothing to do with Malaysia.
MacMac: Yes, multiple countries investigating 1MDB but in Malaysia the case is closed. Very interesting.
Mosquitobrain: After the civil lawsuits, I just wonder when the US Department of Justice (DOJ) will initiate criminal charges.
Alunan Ombak: Eventually, Jho Low will be tracked down for questioning. Where can he hide with Interpol around?
Guna Otak: I hope Low enjoys his life on a yacht while living on the run and frightened of being captured by the authorities of numerous countries except Malaysia.
What is the use of stealing hundreds of millions and spending it on parties with people who hardly know you at all?
These people are attending the parties because it is fun, it is free, there are plenty of food and drinks, and the bill is footed by a fool.
Goldee: Why our government did not go after his family who tried to stop the seizure of Low's properties overseas allegedly bought with our stolen money.
Is Low so powerful that our authorities are so afraid to investigate his family, or is he protected by some big shots?
James_3392: The Malaysian passport has maximum validity of five years, let’s see how he will renew it and who will authorise the renewal.
Bluemountains: What are the powers of the Immigration director-general? Can he withdraw a fugitive's passport?
If he can, he must do so quickly so that we can bring to book alleged crooks who have been on the run, including the two officials from SRC International who are said to be in Indonesia and Thailand.
Anonymous 2447961480069542: High hope indeed. It will fall on deaf ears. This alleged crook is untouchable because if he falls, all will go down as well.
He is protected, and no one will do anything.
Apa Ini: Billions in debt and otherwise unaccountable, RM2.6 billion to ‘Ali’ and more invested through ‘Baba’ and investigations into its movements and secret transfers to Cayman Islands through Switzerland, the US, Singapore and Arab partners in UAE, but still they claim they have 'legitimate' money to give away to charitable courses?
This appeared to be a corrupt manipulation to hide criminal activities at the highest levels of the Finance Ministry.
Telestai!: I don't believe former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad said the special haj was funded by stolen money.
He said the intention for the haj programme is questionable in the wake of money stolen from 1MDB. The programme was set up to quell the rakyat's anger by offering free haj, hence it is not "kosher".
Watan: If "stolen" is not appropriate, one could try “looted”, “laundered”, “snatched”, “cheated” or “hijacked”.
YHJ: When a company is steeped in debt and boasts of carrying out charitable activities, one wonders whether it is trying desperately to clean its image with its borrowed funds.
If I stole billions and then donate a small fraction of it to support religious causes, can I be exonerated?
Wira: If one knows it's stolen money, that money should be returned to its original owner, no matter how honourable is the intention to use them.
I know of no religion that encourages a person to steal and then as if to atone his sins, give a portion of that back to charity.
Tan Kim Keong: Fatwa Council chairperson Abdul Shukor Husin is telling the wrong person about not to mix matters of religion with politics.
Look at all the government agencies and see what has happened and the continuing Islamisation which is already affecting all aspects of life here.
He should tell this to Umno, Jakim and PAS.
Thickskin: Abdul Shukor, possibly you just came out of a deep and long hibernation. Religion has always been used (this is worse than mixed) for political purposes in Malaysia. How else can the poor, timid and uneducated rural folks be controlled?
There will come a time, if we do not stop the nonsense, when Muslims can be told that it is unIslamic to vote for a non-Muslim.

RKR: Abdul Shukor, you are a fool not to realise that 1MDB is my tax money as well. I have the right to know where it went. There is nothing political about it.- Mkini

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