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Monday, January 9, 2017

Economist’s article a scathing indictment of MO1

YOURSAY | ‘A kleptocrat, if MO1 is one, will have other sources of revenue.’
Sarawakian: I totally agree with the Economist. To save Malaysia, Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Muhyiddin Yassin, Lim Kit Siang, Anwar Ibrahim must all swallow their pride and principles.
Pakatan Harapan plus Bersatu will be unstoppable even in three-cornered fights with PAS in GE14 if a) Muhyiddin is nominated PM-designate, Azmin Ali as DPM, Mahathir as senior minister/adviser in the new government.
b) Harapan and Bersatu agree to comprehensive and far-reaching reforms to enhance our democracy and assure the independence of our institutions.
c) Bersatu agrees to secure Anwar's pardon and his nomination as future PM if so decided by majority of MPs. Muhyiddin must commit to step down if that happens.
d) DAP keep a very low profile and quietly support the senior high-powered Malay/Muslim leaders.
Now is the time to find out the stuff Mahathir/Muhyiddin/Kit Siang/Azmin are made of.
Worldly Wise: The Economist is off in two ways. Muhyiddin, who does not even have his home state’s support, will be hard put to get national support.
Is the Economist supporting the jailing of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, a nationwide popular leader of the PKR, of whom the BN is terribly afraid.
The Economist does not realise that a kleptocrat, if Malaysian Official 1 (MO1) is one, will have other rich sources of revenue. His chances of drying up are indeed very remote.
Gerard Lourdesamy: Brilliant article from the Economist. Only the Najib ‘dedak’ gang here with their scripted comments and his boffin boys still worship the ground on which Najib and Rosmah Mansor walk on while they lead the country to rack and ruin.
I suppose the bling is a nice distraction. But the majority of the rakyat wish and pray that they end up like Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos.
Abasir: As much as it is a scathing indictment of an alleged crook, the piece spotlights the essential character of the Malays whose insatiable appetite for his largesse is only matched by their indifference to grand corruption.
Fairplayer: Under Barack Obama, Najib was not named and shamed. Under Donald Trump, I hope Trump will reverse Obama's stance - that he, Trump, will get the US Justice Department (DOJ) to name and shame MO1 publicly.
Not just name and shame, but also quickly hauled them up to the US courts. May it happen fast.
ABC123: Cash is king. And he has the cash, our cash.
No-Brainer: Yes, writer Hazlan Zakaria, your description of our great PM was sharp and with a lot of sarcasm.
As you had said, people could throw eggs, vegetables, rubbish and worse things, hurl insults on his family and his father and curse his ancestors, but they would not get anything.
He would not answer embarrassing questions posted to him by the reporters by dodging or hiding behind the blue-uniformed men.
He played smart and showed his greatness by letting his accomplices, his conspirators, his ministers, his cronies and supporters to respond or answer or talk for him.
His greatness is by letting others ‘lie’ for him, so no one could accuse him of ‘lying’ or being a ‘liar’.
But all these acts are obvious and confirmed signs of a guilty man, even though he is a great pretender. For him, time is running out very soon.
Clever Voter: Such sarcasm by Hazlan reflects the realities and not just perception. Can we also add that this government is such an angel that it can do no wrong, speaks gospel truth and a champion of people’s rights and demands?
The PM’s speeches are not only worthy of a university textbook - they contain the best practices and should be used religiously.
There is also an answer to any problem, and thank god we have the brains in Putrajaya, and god knows where we will be without them.
Last but not least, the generous attitudes of the administration wins them best practices. Given these, they see no wrong, morally or legally and that they should be given the divine right to rule forever.
The 50 plus percent of voters who voted against them must be wrong.
Myviews: Hazlan, such sarcasm is well understood by the thinking readers. Unfortunately, with the type of education we have had all these years under the BN, the so-called educated (and there are plenty of them, together with the kampung folk) may actually believe that you are praising their leader.
This will be disastrous as it will strengthen their support for BN because of your ‘praises’.
Under such circumstances, it would be better to write straightforward articles in plain simple English so that the majority of simpletons can understand what you want to convey.
Anony 0020: From the headline of this article we can see that this article full of sarcasm. But never mind, people sure love something funny, but they know the truth.
And truth is an area the government is not doing very well lately.
Guna Otak: Hazlan, good article. Do you ever think of working for the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (aka North Korea)? They need real talents like you over there as well.
It looks like you have been practicing the form of journalism that the mainstream media is proud of, albeit with the tongue in cheek.
Anonymous_1421806811: I just have one thing to add. Without this ‘great’ Najib, we would never have known how corrupt our leaders have become; how good they are at boot-polishing and how useless they are in governing the country.
Malaysia is truly blessed to have a ‘great’ PM like MO1.- Mkini

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