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Monday, January 9, 2017

Gunmen fire 14 shots at contractor’s house

No one was injured in the incident, say police, adding the victim has provided a list of suspects.
Mior-Faridalathrash-WahidGEORGE TOWN: Gunmen sprayed the front of a contractor’s house with bullets in Jalan P Ramlee early this morning in a case which police have classified as criminal intimidation.
No one was injured in the incident although police found 14 gunshot holes on the main gates and 9mm spent shells at the scene.
Northeast district police chief ACP Mior Faridalathrash Wahid said the 48-year-old contractor heard loud sounds at 5am but dismissed it, thinking it was firecrackers.
He only discovered his house was shot at when he was sending his children to school later in the morning.
“We have investigated the victim and he is not involved in any issues, but he has provided a list of possible suspects,” Mior said.
Mior said footage from a neighbour’s closed-circuit television camera revealed two men with full-faced helmets opening fire outside the house at about 5am. -FMT

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