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Thursday, January 12, 2017

In Singapore Court : Eric Tan Reintroduced Himself As Jho Low !!

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This is from The Edge:

‘Eric Tan’

Back in Jan 30, 2012, Falcon Bank chairman Mohamed Al-Husseiny was contacted by a person purporting to be “Eric Tan” via the email account erickimloong.tan@gmail.com, with a request for the bank to set up an account for a friend.   

(Al-Husseiny was the rat who was already a 'close associate' of JoLo and gang.)

Al-Husseiny replied to Eric Tan and copied the email to Falcon chief executive officer (CEO) Eduardo Leemann, who in turn assigned Sturzenegger to travel up to Kuala Lumpur to meet Eric Tan.
In Kuala Lumpur, Sturzenegger was taken to a residence by Eric Tan who then reintroduced himself as Jho Low. 

But Sturzenegger was told by Low to continue addressing him as “Eric” or “Eric Tan” for security reasons. 

It was only during the account opening process that Sturzenegger realised that Eric Tan and Jho Low were not the same person after he saw a copy of the passport and curriculum vitae of the real Eric Tan Kim Loong. 

(But a genuine passport had been issued in the name of Eric Tan Kim Loong. Fantastic. Who is the "genuine" passport issuing authority in Malaysia? Answer : Syarikat Cuci Matawang J Lalitha, Mannargudi. Peet. Peet. Wrong answer.)  
By Oct 2012, four accounts were opened with Falcon under Eric Tan’s name. They would remain inactive until March 2013. 

On March 18, 2013, via an emailed instruction from Eric Tan (erickimloong.tan@gmail.com) Falcon was told to expect an inflow of more than US$1 billion from three funds: Cistenique Investment Fund, Enterprise Emerging Markets Fund and Devonshire Funds Ltd. 

The same email account (Eric Tan) also sent instructions to both Falcon’s head office and Singapore branch to remit the funds to various other parties.

My comments :  I am not surprised that the Singaporeans can investigate and find out all this about 1MDB without even coming to Malaysia. 

I am not surprised that there is still  no case against 1MDB in Malaysia. 

Malulah AG's Chambers. 
Malulah PDRM.
Malulah SPRM.
Malulah Malaysia.

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