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Monday, January 9, 2017

Innalillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Raajiuun. Utusan, NST, Media Prima Fail "High Income Nation". Can Line Up For BR1M Now.

I have been saying this for about three years now. Some people called me all sorts of things. 

Did you know that the NST's actual circulation is as low as 11,000 copies a day? Do read on. 

Yo my blog gets more readers than NST. By the way thank you to the 33.4 million, and still rising, visitors to this blog. (If anyone wants to buy up this blog, please contact me at my email. I take USD or Singapore Dollars only. Cash. Not much lah, US$1.2 million or equivalent. If you can pay two to three times market price to Peter Sondol, Genting Myland and what not, what is a measly US1.2m?)

Anyway, this news here has gone viral since last nite, although it was written in December 2016. Media Watch blog says Utusan Meloya is literally bankrupt. 

Senior Utusan folks told me in 2013 that they need monthly cash injections from UMNO to pay salaries. That's four years ago. Umno too has no money to sustain this. Utusan missed salary payment dates sometimes. They were late. One time they paid the senior staff first and let the junior staff wait. Typical feudal mentality. 

Media Prima and NST are also queing up for BR1M shortly. NST's circulation has hit 22,000 copies a day. Minus about half given away free to gomen agencies, ministries and universities etc the actual paying circulation is 11,000 copies a day!  Innalillah. This is the BR1M line brader.  This is the real world brader. Catching up wit your play-play world of khayal.

Ok here is Media Watch blog:


beg Umno to pay staff salaries monthly. 
newspaper company, literally speaking, is bankrupt.

Well, Media Prima will be next, say observers. Just fix your eyes on the table.

NST selling only 44K a day 
insiders say on certain days, only 22k picked up by readers
half of it by record keepers like Govt agencies, Ministers office.

Bahasa papers seeing bigger fall. 
Harian Metro's circulation is on a free fall.

mainstream media was influential 

Recent figures released by ABC gave shivers 
Can current editors assist Umno, BN in GE?

TV3 viewers much lower than RTM followers
according to insiders.

reason for public infighting in Media Prima Group
Managing Editor of TV3 vs Chairman. Just amazing.

Recently PM confronted them with "what has gone wrong with my soap".


Observers surprised current set of editors at Utusan Melayu still in charge 
newspaper struggling daily to pay wages and stabilise circulation rate.

observers feel interesting development in the offing at Media Prima.
CEO of NSTP will be asked to leave 
changes at editors level at print and TV station

Selling 22k a day is a joke. 
top man at TV3 may also go. 
Rated below RTM news is an insult to staff morale.

My comments :  Well it looks like not only are Utusan Meloya, NST, TV3 and Media Prima in the 'Not High Income' bracket but soon they will be in the "No Income" bracket, especially Utusan Meloya.  Bolehlah beratur tunggu BR1M.

Kekawan Utusan, NST, TV3, Media Prima this is what will happen to you when you write lies. Cakap bohong, fitnah orang, menjadi penyebar penipuan kerajaan, bersubahat untuk pertahankan pemimpin pencuri yang mencuri duit rakyat. Now you suffer the consequences. Bukan saja rezeki sudah lama jadi haram tapi sekarang rezeki haram pun sudah nak bankrap.  

Ok here is a little bit more news. 

Talk I hear is that NST, Media Prima, Utusan Melayu, TV3, Berita Harian and The Star are going to be merged under one giant news group. Yes The Star included. When they hold a shotgun, the marriage can be solemnised very quickly. Dont worry. "Saya Wong Chun Wai bin Abdullah Star dengan ini bersetuju bernikah dengan Utusan Melayu dengan mas kahwin 88 Ringgit h......u......t....a....n....g"

Just kidding. I think Chun Wai will be calling me soon.

Anyway, the line they are pushing (to the Super Moron) is that only this way they can completely monopolise the news for the General Elections.  But that is not the whole truth.

The closer to the truth story is that one person alone will be put in charge of this giant new news organisation. 

That person will be Sup Kambing Kuala Kangsar.  
 In fact one cannot help noticing that the entire story above is somewhat aligned towards this direction. 

Sup Kambing has only one ambition in mind - power and money. 

Agama, bangsa, negara, perjuangan, falsafah semua boleh buat tisu  sapu bontot. 

And being the No 1 advisor to Super Moron he is closer to achieving this wildest dream than ever before.

But here is the catch - you cannot make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. (A sow is a female pig.)  

You cannot make a great newspaper out of  low quality, low grade spin and propaganda. 

You cannot use force, power or the law to create a profitable newspaper or a readable newspaper.

My blog has more readership than you. I never use force. Everyone reads my blog because they want to.

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