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Monday, January 9, 2017

Irwan ill-fitted for treasurer-general’s job

YOURSAY | ‘…By echoing the official line that everything is hunky-dory when nothing is.'
Ipohcrite: In his position as the Finance Ministry treasurer-general, Mohd Irwan Serigar Abdullah has not made one single statement regarding the economy or the nation's finances that passes as a worthy or intelligent remark.
He is clearly ill-fitted for this job. But he certainly knows how to keep his job - by echoing the official line of the Najib Razak administration, assuring the rakyat that everything is hunky-dory when nothing is.
Abasir: Any country that seriously values and promotes quality and excellence in all spheres will have simply no tolerance for people such as Irwan. In fact, they would be neither seen nor heard.
It is however different in Malaysia, where utter superficiality and suffocating mediocrity masked by grandiose titles and awards reign supreme.
A statement such as "hopefully, when you publish today's briefing, the ringgit will be strengthened", simply illuminates the extent of the depths to which the country has plunged.
Does anyone still believe there is any hope for this country purportedly led by the Chosen One?
If you do, then you must be deluded into thinking there is only Irwan. The fact is there are thousands like him... all loitering in the corridors in Putrajaya awaiting their turn.
Clever Voter: This is a man who speaks half-truths, and just because he does not reveal all, that does not mean he is not telling the truth.
His career hinges on the success of the Najib administration. If he says anything to the contrary, he would find himself banished to the bottom of the hierarchy.
The economy will likely to be resilient - three things, if they do take place, would favour Najib's government. First is if the price of oil goes above US$60 per barrel, second, if commodity prices in palm oil picks up as stockpile reduces.
And third would be China's foreign investment. While prices will continue to rise with the weak foreign exchange and sluggish property market, these don't matter.
They will be subject to economic cycles. In fact, low property prices will allow more people to buy.
The feel-good factor will be manufactured by the BN media and ministers, and gullible voters would fall for this, and five more years of BN rule seems imminent.
Goldee: From Irwan's contention, when the media publishes that our economy and currency are well and healthy, our economy and currency would jump ten-fold.
He doesn't have clear-cut solutions to the problems that the country is facing. He is making us the laughing stock to the world.
Tell the Truth: Irwan, not everyone goes to restaurants and shops at supermarkets, you know.
Why don't you go to the ‘pasar malam’ and ‘kedai runcit’ to shop, and see if they tell you that their business is booming?
People like you only go to places where the rich go. Try to fix the falling ringgit instead and stop taxing the people.
ABC123: Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua is spot on. Irwan only makes a fool of himself by uttering rubbish.
Ericlcc: If Irwan cannot offer good financial management skills other than merely parroting his revered MO1 (Malaysian Official 1), then perhaps a good piece of advice to Irwan is to either opt for early retirement, or request for a transfer to a less demanding ministry such as health or women’s affairs.
Then perhaps in that position, how silly and stupid his public statements are won't even cause a ruffle amongst the public.
Anonymous_1421806811: Like all our boot-polishing leaders, Irwan is clueless as to how to manage the economy. He has not given us any concrete solutions, and is expecting idiots like himself to believe that all is well.
Rupert16: How one with an intellect like Irwan can become a top civil servant is beyond belief. Must be his undying loyalty to Najib.
Anonymous_3e21: No wonder, Malaysia is in deep financial crap, not only have we got a finance minister who is practically incompetent, the treasurer-general is also in the same league as him.
Roar For Truth: Irwan, you are the smartest, our PM is the richest, we have the biggest cabinet in the region with the most millionaires in it.
The citizens are happily laughing every day with each witty statement by their ministers, and now with the ministry secretaries tagging along.
I expected after saying this, our ringgit to bounce back to at least RM4 to US$1, according to your theory.
Hang Babeuf: "There is still hope for us," this hopeless case mumbles. Is anybody reassured? I think not.- Mkini

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