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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Man's leg amputated after contracting flesh-eating bacteria during Umrah pilgrimage

Umrah: Photo: Ilyas Sholihyn© Coconuts Media Photo: Ilyas Sholihyn
What was initially believed to be a simple ankle injury sustained after a stumble in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, turned out to be a full-blown flesh-eating bacteria infection. 
Right now, 59-year-old Abdul Ghafur Mohd Ibrahim remains in intensive care in a hospital in Jordan after his left leg had to be amputated above the knee — a result of aggressive bacterial infection, The Straits Times reports. In no condition to fly back to Singapore, his family is saddled with a hefty medical bill that currently stands at $123,000. 
The troubles began when the Singapore permanent resident fell over after being pushed while performing his minor Umrah pilgrimage in December last year. Someone stepped on his left ankle in the commotion. 
It was only during the end of his pilgrimage that he discovered big blisters on his left foot — doctors found that he was infected by flesh-eating bacteria. The infection spread rapidly despite antibiotics, and left Abdul Ghafur with no choice but to amputate the leg. 
Though the man is slowly on the path to full recovery, his family is worried about settling the mounting hospital bills. The travel insurance would only cover a small amount of the hospitalisation and repatriation fees to Singapore. His family's pleas for donations have managed to raise around $32,000 — but it's still not quite enough. 
Abdul Ghafur's son-in-law is currently seeking assistance from Singapore's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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