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Thursday, January 5, 2017

McD’s Miri outlets remove halal-certified sign after directive

Sarawak government issues the directive, saying the fast food chain's latest policy is "not welcomed in the racial and religious harmonious society in Sarawak."
KUCHING: All McDonald’s outlets in Miri have removed notices allowing only halal-certified cakes to be brought into its premises, following the state government’s criticism of the rule.
Commenting on the swift action by the fast food chain’s outlets, Michael Tiang, political secretary to the Chief Minister of Sarawak, said in a statement, “Such prompt action by McDonald’s constitutes a wise move as well as a positive response to the strong objections among Sarawak people towards its recent unpopular policy.”
“As far as (I) know, Miri’s McDonald’s outlets were the only ones in Sarawak that followed in the footsteps of their Semenanjung counterpart to display the relevant notices at their premises.
“However today (Jan 5) they received a further instruction from their headquarters to take down such notices so as to complement the tolerant spirit in Sarawak,” he said.
He urged McDonald’s to dispense with their latest policy as such a move was “not welcomed in the racial and religious harmonious society in Sarawak.”
Tiang said consumers were entitled to reject unreasonable requirements, and if necessary, would boycott the establishments.
“It is always the Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem’s stand that racial or religious extremism have no place in Sarawak as Sarawak practises a culture of tolerance, moderation and mutual understanding towards all races and religions,” Tiang said.
In a scathing statement the previous day, Tiang condemned McDonald’s latest policy of allowing only “halal-certified cakes” into its premises, as was the case in the peninsula, saying that non-Muslim consumers were likely to boycott the fast food chain.
He also said such a policy was “totally incompatible with Sarawak’s multi-cultural and religious society”.
“Sarawak cannot condone any religious or racial extremism which would only destroy the solidarity among Sarawak people.” -FMT

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