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Sunday, January 8, 2017


This is from The Star here:
academic staff latest casualty in austerity drive at (UM)
slashed govt funding, facilities neglected
many staff let go, quality of education at UM affected
staff contract ended not renewed, handful retained
“several brilliant lecturers have been told to go”.public universities struggling with reduced funding
UM has second highest cut (see graphics).
2015 : 1,430 permanent staff, 728 contract staff.
Many, especially foreigners, not renewed
staff who were criticially needed get renewalsuniversity allocated RM638mil in 2015
slashed by 27.3% in 2016 (RM400 million??)
further reduced by 20.2% for 2017 (RM320 million ??)
a lecturer said cuts “were unjust”
reductions affecting running of university, he added.
staff subjected to all kinds of cost-cutting measures
limiting them to one ream of printer paper per year
made to buy own stationery, marker pens
budget cuts’ impact on teaching quality, upkeep of labs, lecture halls
Minister Idris Jusoh said public universities too dependent on govt funding
adding a decade ago it was a fraction of what was now given

My comments : I think Idris Jusoh should be nominated for Best Education Minister in the world. Failing that Idris should be nominated for Best Actor. Failing that Idris should be nominated for Best Malaysian Comedian in Scandinavia or something like that.
Public universities depend on the gomen for funding because they are public universities (Institut Pengajian Tinggi Awam atau IPTA).
If they have to source their own funds, that is called IPTS atau Institut Pengajian Tinggi Swasta.
Public universities can source some funds on their own. But it is usually a fraction of their budgets only. Fund raising dinners from alumni, building project fund raisers from corporates, research funds from private sector etc – but it is usually a small fraction.  Writing paper, marker pens, salaries of lecturers etc must be from the gomen.
The Ringgit today is a fraction of what it was a decade ago.  Idris Jusoh will not know that because the Ringgit is not under his Ministry. A decade ago there was much less knowledge, much fewer new discoveries than today. A decade from now the same thing will be said. It is called progress. Kalendar kuda pun dah tukar 10 kali Awang. Boleh faham ke?
The UM dons are NOT lying. My apologies. The gomen has enough revenue. The gomen has more than enough revenue. But because of the scandals, the corruption, the wastage and the leakages the gomen is short of money.
Read again. Only a handful of 728 contract staff at UM have been retained. The rest have been let go. So they are out of a job. This mens that about 700 over contract staff are now not only ‘not high income’ but they are now ‘NO INCOME’.
But the gomen is so damned clever. Here is the KSU of the Ministry of Finance with a brilliant suggestion :

So those University Malaya lecturers who have been laid off can register for BR1M. Once they get the BR1M they can use the money as deposit for a Proton Iriz and then become Uber taxi drivers.
Then for lunch break they can stop at Nasi Lemak Anak Dara and buy nasi lemak from that unemployed engineer girl.
So we send our children to university to study engineering so that they can become nasi lemak sellers.
We set up universities  so that professors and lecturers can one day become Uber taxi drivers as well.
– syedsoutsidethebox.blogspot.h

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