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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Najib, did you return the RM42m to SRC?

YOURSAY | ‘Did Najib use the money? If not, where is the money now?’
Discovery: Minister in the PM’s Department Abdul Rahman Dahlan, we don't blame you for saying what you have said because we all know you are paid to do it.
But you must also remember that God is watching all your actions, and even if you can escape justice in this life, you might suffer terribly in your afterlife. This is because 30 million Malaysians are cheated and betrayed by the very people they entrusted to look after them.
And instead of doing something to right the wrong, you are protecting the alleged wrongdoers.
Ipohcrite: Abdul Rahman, "no case" means the attorney-general (AG) refused to give permission to prosecute. It doesn't mean there was no wrongdoing or a lack of evidence.
Abdul Rahman was not born yesterday (so he claimed), hence he should know better than to defend the indefensible.
Anonymous #44199885: Yes, no prosecution does not mean no crime, it simply means that the prosecuting authority in this case, the AG, has decided not to file charges.
This would be fine if not for the backdrop of the dismissal of the then AG and two senior Umno ministers, investigations stymied by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), OSAing the auditor-general's report, refusal to act on the recommendations of the MACC, non-disclosure of police investigations, not assisting foreign authorities promptly and not seeking further information from them, including the US Department of Justice (DOJ) and FBI, and more recently, the transfer of senior officers investigating the alleged illegal movement of money from SRC.
All this shows that there is something to hide. The funny thing is authorities in the US, Singapore, Hong Kong, UK, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Switzerland and Luxembourg are investigating this massive money laundering and kleptocracy case to protect their integrity.
But unfortunately, not our institutions.
Bluemountains: According to Abdul Rahman, the AG acts as a check and balance for the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).
Who acts as a check and balance for the AG when he refused to follow the MACC's recommendation to charge MO1 (Malaysian Official 1) on money allegedly siphoned from SRC?
Gerard Lourdesamy: I hope RM42 million gets banked into my account and let’s see if the AG accepts the lame excuse that I didn't know the source of the money.
If there was no case based on the MACC investigation, why the need to replace the previous AG after the charge sheet was allegedly drawn up?
Abdul Rahman should stick to solving the flood problem in his constituency of Kota Belud. The rakyat know a cover-up when they see one. In the case of SRC, it comes with blinking neon lights.
Baramundi: RM42 million entered into the personal bank account of the country’s highest official (claimed to be wrongly credited) and yet there is no case?
At least, whoever who credited the amount is charged, correct?
Bersatu Malaysia: Did PM Najib Razak use the money? Was the money returned? If not, where is the money now?
Indeed, why the person who deposited the money in Najib's account not arrested? Who is this person and where is he now? Why the banks or Securities Commission (SC) not investigate?
What gives the AG the authority not to prosecute if there was evidence? What steps were taken to recover the money? Who gave Najib the credit card to allegedly spend millions?
Endless questions but not a single plausible answer. Oh Malaysia, what has happened to you?
Not Convinced: Najib claimed that he returned a large portion of the so-called RM2.6 billion donation to the Saudis.
So, did he also return the RM42 million to SRC?
P Dev Anand Pillai: The smart and honest Malays are not welcomed in Malaysia's top echelons of government. If you are dumb and prepared to act as a foot rug, you move up faster in the civil service.
The MACC is a joke of an institution if it reports to the PM at the end of the day.
The few non-Malays in MACC are only there because they the best runners for their Malay superiors. So, it is not surprising at all if the smart and honest Malays leave the service early.
Drngsc: It looks like there are still honest men with conscience around. All is not lost. I hope that former MACC Special Operations Division chief Bahri Mohd Zin, will sing like a bird.
Bahri, we need your help. Please serve your beloved country and expose all the corruption at the highest level.
Mampus BN: My salute to you, Bahri. You are a man of integrity no money can buy. Now you can sleep well and hold your head high and tell your children with pride and honour.
The truth will be unveil eventually when Pakatan Harapan takes over the government. Bravo, you are the man.
Anonymous_4056: Najib, please tell Malaysians where the RM42 million of SRC money ‘wrongly’ paid into your personal account.
Rick Teo: Now that he is aware the money was wrongly deposited in his account, why did he not return the money to SRC?
Or is he saying that since it was wrongly credited to his account, he is entitled to keep it? That is dishonesty.
Chipmunk: Bahri, please reveal the truth. It is high time someone from MACC spoke out as the corrupt practices by those in power have gone beyond repair. Please open wide the can of worms so that all under the "dedak" programme will be brought to light.

Remember, it is better to be on Allah's side than MO1’s.
Bluemountains: Bahri must not succumb to intimidation. He must follow the example of the former deputy director of Special Branch who fears no one except God.
Let everything come out in the open and you will feel better and relieved.- Mkini

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