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Saturday, January 14, 2017


‘They have to stand up for their dignity as this handout culture is a vicious cycle of servitude.’
Discontent in Malay heartland may spell trouble for Najib
Anonymous #37634848: The Felda settlers were originally given few acres of land to cultivate rubber and later palm oil.
Their crops were sold to a factory owned by Felda. Although the prices for their products were arbitrarily low, they enjoyed a satisfactory income.
The Felda Group under Raja Muhammad Elias Raja Muhammad Ali had an efficient management that left RM4 billions in reserves.
Compare it to the present situation – the manipulation of Felda Global Ventures (FGV), the purchase of Eagle High Plantations, the loss of billions, etc.
The Felda settlements feel the pinch and endure suffering. This is a fertile ground for the opposition. Fifty four Parliament seats are at stake.
Leonie: This is an excellent article which connects the dots between Felda settlers, being PM Najib Razak’s vote bank, and the buying of the Eagle High stake at an exorbitant price.
The Felda New Generation Housing Programme is ‘not bankable’ to the Malaysian and Singapore banks as it is not meant to be. Pandan MP Rafizi Ramli got it a long time ago and thanks to this article, among others, we get it now.
The settlers should know that this will be the last such gift because the ‘coffers are running dry’ and the chief architect is on his last legs.
Most importantly, they have to stand up for their dignity as this handout culture is a vicious cycle of servitude. So, take it now for the last time and listen to Rafizi as to how to vote later this year.
Kingfisher: As it seriously dawns on ordinary citizens – whatever their racial and religious background – that the BN government has been primarily focused in recent years on the interest of its political parties and its select group of leaders, the consequence of such awareness will be demonstrated at the ballot boxes in future elections.
For some within the BN, the subverting of BN’s founding philosophy to becoming subordinate to the exclusives interest of a specific ‘favoured’ group would result in disenchantment and lead to separation.
And as the favoured group within the BN itself begins to realise that the campaign for ‘exclusiveness’ is being manipulated for the benefit of its leadership’s indulgence, the fervour, especially amongst the rank and file, will begin to falter.
When such an unhealthy fluid situation is then riddled with speculations of corruption, abuse of power and that some leaders are positioning themselves beyond sanction of law and order, the situation can be untenable.
ABC123: Emily Chow of Reuters, how do you know that “The settlers have been angered”? Just because 300 settlers attended a talk by Rafizi?
Chances are, the settlers will stay with BN, just as they always have all these years. Reasons: feudal mentality, simpleton’s loyalty to the Razak name, cash handouts, subsidies and other goodies, notions of racial superiority (ketuanan), deep-rooted fear of the Chinese, and the absence of any real or viable alternative from the opposition, which is today weaker than ever.
At most, the settlers are merely dancing with Rafizi and maintaining a poker face with BN to see what goodies they can get because they can smell elections are around the corner. If push comes to shove, they will vote BN, as they always have… without fail and without exception.
Drngsc: Great work, Rafizi. Please tell them how they have been cheated and taken advantage of. Let them get angry with Umno and know that they have lost their money and we are all in greater debt.
Please ask them to spread the word to their fellow Felda settlers. We must work hard to wake up the Felda settlers and let them know the truth. We have to change the tenant in Putrajaya.
Anonymous_1421806811: Hopefully the Felda settlers and the rural Malays will wake up to the reality that Umno leaders do not have their interests in mind but are only interested to allegedly enrich their own pockets.
“Harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi” is the best Malay proverb to describe Umno leaders today.
MACC is right – Malaysians hate graft, but tolerate it
ABC123: How many of those condemning Najib also have given at least one bribe, no matter how small? It is easier to scold the government than to change ourselves.
Corruption has seeped so deep into our culture. Many try to rationalise it by saying “if they don’t ask, we won’t give”. But it is a cycle. And all those who give bribes are just feeding that cycle.
Corruption is so ingrained into the Malaysian mindset and culture, it is seen as “business as usual”, no longer something dirty and shameful like it is in many developed countries.
Mahsuri: I have personally told traffic cops to go ahead and issue the summons even when they offer to settle, to the point they themselves get offended/shamed, some actually let me go with no summons issued.
So quit blaming societal norms and be accountable for your own actions, people. Bring principled means doing the right thing even when no one is watching.
6th Generation Immigrant: Institutionalised corruption thrive because the lines in the separation of powers (between politicians, administrators and enforcers) are now diminished.
Our top echelon administrators and enforcers are all subservient to politicians. The entire Malaysian administration and enforcement have now become a single political vehicle of opportunity to the politicians – political hegemony is in full swing.
Wake up, you administrators and enforcers, you are being used and manipulated. Redraw the lines clearly and thicken them instead of painting over them.
Seen any politician arrested for corruption of late?
Mosquitobrain: No need for GE14. Take away corruption and Umno will die a natural death.
– M’kini

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