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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

No truth to 'rent-a-crowd' for Anwar claim, says DAP

Penang DAP has denied a recent online news report that the party will pay supporters RM50 each to attend a solidarity gathering for PKR supremo Anwar Ibrahim next week.
State DAP assistant publicity secretary Syerleena Abdul Rashid said the report by KLxpress was written based on an anonymous WhatsApp message.
The report claimed that DAP will pay supporters to show up at the High Court in Penang on Jan 9, where Anwar’s defamation suit against the New Straits Times will be heard. Anwar is currently serving a five-year jail term for a sodomy conviction.
"The one-sided reporting is fallacious, deceptive and could create unnecessary social disorder.
"To spread lies in this manner is immoral," Syerleena, who is also DAP Wanita national assistant public secretary, told a press conference today.
She said DAP had never made such promises to anyone and demanded that the portal reveals the actual WhatsApp message cited as the source for the story, as well as the sender's phone number.
She also demanded the portal to retract the offending report and apologise to DAP for practising a "repulsive brand of journalism and demonstrating gross negligence".
"As the general election draws closer, we will see such attacks intensify and increase.
"Malaysians must exercise due diligence and scrutinise every bit of news as the political battle of the 21st century is one that heavily relies on social media," said Syerleena, who is a Penang local councillor.
"The authenticity of reports are often disputed, but Malaysians can ascertain the truth by simply getting information from all sides."
Of late, DAP and its secretary-general Lim Guan Eng have fallen victim to fake message scandals.
Lim was recently accused of supporting the Rohingya massacre in Myanmar, as well as claiming that Pakatan Harapan would shut down all Mara institutions in all opposition-held states should the coalition take over Putrajaya.
The Penang chief minister has strongly denied the claims and his aides have lodged police reports on these matters.- Mkini

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