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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

PAS ustaz swept away in floods, clings to tree for dear life

Terengganu PAS Youth chief Kamaruzzaman Abdullah almost lost his life when he was swept away by raging flood waters in Hulu Terengganu yesterday.
He would have a goner had he not been able to cling to a tree branch, allowing rescuers to lasso him in, Zulkifli Wahab, who was at the scene, told Malaysiakini.
Zulkifli is the deputy president of Geng Lasak Kuala Terengganu (Gasak), a charitable body which was assisting to distribute food and supplies to flood victims at Kampung Basung, Kuala Berang, using 4x4 vehicles
Zulkifli said non-stop heavy rain caused rapid flooding in the village starting 1pm, prompting Gasak to mobilise and deliver aid.
However, they had to stop at about 4pm because access was getting more and more limited due to the rising water.
They were heading to the religious school founded by Kamruzzaman, Madrasah Darul Ansar at Kampung Basung, to drop him off when their vehicle got stuck.
Despite the high waters, Kamaruzzaman was determined to reach the madrasah on foot.
“We tried to stop him but he said he must be with his students. We could only watch Ustaz K wade through the water which was waist deep before he was swept away...
“It was really a matter of life of death. Two Gasak members took life jackets and polystyrene floats and went to where we saw Ustaz K hanging on to a road divider. When they reached him, he was hanging on to a branch,” he said.
“It was incredibly tense and I remember thinking that Ustaz K's fate is now in God’s hand,” he said.
Zulkifli also urged all to be extra careful during the monsoon season and to always watch their children.

This follows a boy going missing and is feared dead after falling into flood waters yesterday, while a girl drowned after slipping into a canal in Pasir Mas today.
More than 10,000 have been evacuated in the east coast states of Kelantan and Terengganu, while dozens of schools have been closed.
Tenaga Nasional Bhd cut electricity supply to the states yesterday for safety reasons due to the floods, but supply resumed as water levels receded today.- Mkini

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