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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Singapore McDonald's says it has halal cake policy since 90s

While controversy rages in Malaysia over fast food chain McDonald's halal cake policy, its Singapore counterpart has revealed practicing a similar policy for the past two decades.
McDonald's Singapore requires its customers who celebrate their birthday at its premises to provide halal certification for cakes brought in, reported Singapore's Channel 8 News.
A McDonald's spokesperson confirmed the fast food outlet has practised this since obtaining their halal certification from the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore in 1992.
McDonald's Malaysia had courted mixed reactions after it put up a notice that the outlet only allows cakes that are certified halal by the Islamic Development Department (Jakim).
Following this, the fast food chain apologised for public misunderstanding over its notice that only halal birthday cakes are allowed on its premises.
"As a company that serves all Malaysians, we have never intended to discriminate against anyone," it said.
McDonald's added it has always maintained a "no outside food policy", but made exceptions for birthday cakes.
Jakim praised McDonald's Malaysia for their halal cake policy, lauding the firm's dedication to halal certification guidelines.
In June, Jakim issued a statement assuring that McDonald's Malaysia is certified halal, after a hoax message claiming otherwise went viral.
In another incident, pretzel chain Auntie Anne's caught international headlines this year after Jakim, among others, told the chain to rename its "pretzel dog" product in order to obtain halal certification.
This is to adhere to the requirement that no halal product is to be named after non-halal items such as dogs, ham or beer.
Auntie Anne's subsequently changed the name of its product to "pretzel sausage".- Mkini

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