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Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Settled out of court…NST to pay Rm60k…
All that can be done by one human being to another to humiliate, embarrass, degrade, debase, demean, discredit, disgrace, dishonour, shame, belittle, diminish, ridicule, defame, defile, malign, slander, insult, censure and denounce this man has been done by those who are most threatened by his presence.
And yet he walks with his head held high. Anytime he is in the public domain it is all his “bodyguards” could do to prevent this man from being swamped by the adulation, respect and love bordering on reverence that many Malaysians have for him and in their enthusiasm to show that love and respect to him.
Everyday people talk of him as if he is still in their midst. They talk of him as if he has never left them. All that they do not have is his physical presence….in spirit and in all other respect, he is still among them.
He is Anwar Ibrahim.
When others seek refuge in parts unknown against their all powerful detractors, Anwar stood firm and told his detractors to come and take him and do what they want with him.
While others capitulate and surrender their principles and beliefs to live the good life and wallow in dedak, Anwar Ibrahim only knew one thing : Lawan Mesti Lawan …no matter the costs, no matter what they do to his physical self!
He alone is able to give the credibility that PPBM needed to stand against Umno and be assured that with Anwar on their side, PPBM will have the best chance of giving Umno a run for its money.
Now if from inside Sungai Buloh Anwar Ibrahim can do all this….can you begin to imagine what he can do when he is outside? When he ia among his own people – those who were with him during the Reformasi era, those who are with him during the Pakatan Rakyat era in  PRU13 and those who are with him now as the opposition once again morphed into a cohesive entity with PPBM. PAS is still a work in progress -with Anwar Ibrahim anything is possible even if PAS is already sleeping with the enemy!
With Anwar Ibrahim in Sungai Buloh anything is possible. With Anwar Ibrahim out of Sungai Buloh what do you think will happen to Najib, Umno and BN? What?
Anwar Ibrahim has transcends his physical self. With or without him, his ideas, his presence and his insistence for us to lawan mesti lawan until we win, reverberate across racial and religious divide….across any divide!
And too many Malaysians now live their lives through Anwar Ibrahim to allow Anwar Ibrahim to be forgotten or to fail.
The question now is what does Anwar Ibrahim wants to do. What does Anwar Ibrahim wants done. And how will he want to manage the opposition together with Kit Siang and Mahathir.
Only Anwar Ibrahim knows what Anwar Ibrahim wants.
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