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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Why PM Najib is such a great leader

Leadership is not always about having charisma, and the ability to deliver truly great speeches, like former Indonesian president Sukarno could.
Nor is it always about having intellectual wherewithal and caustic wit, to handle troublesome reporters' annoying questions, like ex-premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad did.
Sometimes, it is about making things happen without having to even talk about it, "effortlessly" by sheer force of will, or perhaps as some may contend, via the machinations of hordes of "little Napoleons", behind the scenes.
And that is why I believe that Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak is such a great leader, despite not having either Sukarno's charm or Mahathir's witty repertoire.
I am not saying that Najib suffers from a dearth of charm or wit, but to point out that he embodies this quality of effortless leadership, so effortlessly.
Like an emperor in new lightweight durable clothes, Najib strikes me like a true leader who glides before the rakyat without having to worry that anything thrown at him will stick.
The economy itself buckled before his great leadership, to ensure there is nothing that can be thrown, eggs and vegetables being mostly expensive nowadays.
And his being is such that any who have less than palatable things to say about him, let alone throw anything his way, will coincidentally find themselves busy having to fill up police multiple choice questionnaires and playing spot the judge in a courtroom.
That is why Najib is great, for the very laws of the nation themselves are being enforced to make sure that all those who have things to say, are only happy joy-joy ones. Everything in Malaysia being awesome as it is in the Lego Movie.
And justice knows well enough to bow before Najib's great leadership, for enforcement agencies that investigate him, because of false news by detractors of course, will realise that their officers are better spent reassigned elsewhere and no evidence can be found to form a strong case against one as unsullied as he.
How could the attorney-general find a reason to charge Najib, for he is as innocent as he is great.
And if scandalous stalkers and hack writers were to dare to defame Najib, they will find that this great leader's aura will protect his name by making articles inaccessible online and even his official planes that the taxpayers paid for untraceable in the journeys and holidays that he takes.
And it is because of Najib's greatness that he can stand unfazed in the eyes of the world, when he was being accused of human rights violations and culpability in embezzlement. A leader less great would have buckled under the untrue allegations. But Najib stood tall without even batting an eyelid.
Now, even Mahathir can't do this without talking. Only Najib and his great leadership can affect such change. While all the while remaining mostly silent about all of it.
God save Malaysia, and May He give our PM his just desserts, for being so great.

HAZLAN ZAKARIA is a member of the Malaysiakini team.

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