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Friday, June 30, 2017


PETALING JAYA – Selangor DAP is confusing the public by presenting the reconstruction and beautification works of the Lovers Bridge in Tanjung Sepat as a single project, said MCA.
Sepang MCA division chief Datuk Ng Chok Sin said in a statement on Friday that the two projects fall under different jurisdictions and were contracted to different construction companies, and thus should be treated as separate projects.
However, Selangor Local Government, New Village Development and Legalising of Factories Committee chairman Ean Yong Hian Wah had presented it as one and the same, using it to justify the demolition of two seafood restaurants, Ocean Seafood Restaurant and Lover Bridge Seafood Restaurant, he said.
“Ean Yong himself has also revealed that after the completion of the Lovers Bridge reconstruction, it will be handed over to the Selangor Department of Irrigation and Drainage, and the beautification project for the food court will come under the jurisdiction of the Kuala Langat District Council,” he said.
“But Ean Yong has deliberately tied up the reconstruction project with the beautification one, thereby heaping blame on the restaurants as blocking the reconstruction project,” he said, demanding for the Selangor exco member to clear doubts over this issue.
Ng also wants answers to why the reconstructed bridge has yet to be open for use by local fishermen and fishing vessel despite its completion.
According to Ng, Ean Yong had alleged at a press conference that two restaurants had hampered the reconstruction of the Bridge and caused the related works to be delayed.

Ng asserted that the restaurants were located a distance away from the bridge and had never obstructed its construction.
“Even if the projects are in the interest of the Selangor state government or personal interests, the two restaurants have been operating for decades but have fallen unfortunate victims of Ean Yong’s façade of beautification project,” he said.
Ng is calling on Ean Yong to reveal all details involving the two Lovers Bridge projects including the list of contractors and the duration of the works for the public to determine whether the projects are under the same plan or different projects.
It was reported that the new jetty would help improve the livelihood of the local fishermen and that the state had set aside RM3.19mil for the project to be handled by the Drainage and Irrigation Department.

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