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Thursday, July 13, 2017

A desperate Najib clawing for survival

YOURSAY | ‘Najib, when you pointed a finger at others, three others are pointing back at you.’
Aries46: PM Najib Razak’s allegations about former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s obsession to perpetuate his legacy through his son, Mukhriz, is stale and untenable.
Let the records speak for itself. Who actually perpetuated a political dynasty? If Mahathir had such ambitions with all that at his disposal for 22 years, he could have outdone every other PM, including Hussein Onn and Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who both nurtured their kin to carry on their legacy.
Interestingly, the brouhaha about the forex losses after 30 years is equally bewildering. Why not then? Why now, when the losses are beyond redemption?
In fact, Mahathir’s most vehement defenders then were Umno Malays who were elated at the phenomenal success and prosperity he had conferred on them. Some Umno veterans at the party assembly even broke down and begged him to stay when he wanted to retire.
Calling him names is not the answer. Najib can still turn things around if only he would open up the lid he has put on the alleged 1MDB heist.
Kingfisher: Najib’s declaration that his government would "focus, unwaveringly, on the economic welfare, social wellbeing and security of all Malaysians" was an eagerly anticipated aspiration of many Malaysians "then" when he assumed office years ago.
Unfortunately, for him and especially for many Malaysians, these very pledges would seem rather hollow now considering the real-world socio-economic difficulties confronting many Malaysians presently and the current troubled state of his own leadership.
Many shared much empathy with him for his professed goals for enabling a progressive and dynamic "Satu Malaysia" with all-round improvements to quality of life as well as multi-community cooperation and well-being.
Again, unfortunately for him and especially for Malaysians, the recent years have been disappointing in these very critical areas of human development.
Mosquitobrain: Najib, you should very well know that when you pointed a finger at others, three others are pointing back at you.
Have you ever pondered why your popularity is going south? It would be very disturbing to list down all your scandals.
Thus, it is not only Mahathir who has wanted you to step down. More than half of the population in the nation have no reservations for you to leave. You should be sensitive enough to feel the rakyat's pulses.
Jedi Yoda: Now the mouse suddenly squeaks a "dignified" statement as if only Dr M is against him. Under Najib's rule, democracy is replaced by kleptocracy.
Your scandals are killing the nation and putting us to shame big time. And don't worry about your successor's fate because you will be the last PM that the devil in Dr M will be exorcised when you are defeated.
Mushiro: This is a simple diversion tactic. Singapore has prosecuted four people related to the 1MDB scandal.
The US Department of Justice (DOJ) has filed their third suit for forfeiture of 1MDB-related assets worth almost US$2 billion. At least four other countries are pursuing the 1MDB case.
Najib is further exposed with allegedly paying RM9.5 million to lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, who was the prosecutor in the Anwar Ibrahim case, and paying RM7 million allegedly using 1MDB money to the director-general of military intelligence.
As more 1MDB exposes are expected in the coming months, what choice does Najib have other than to divert the topic to the issue of Mahathir and Mukhriz?
Clever Voter: Diverting attention from the real issue is to confuse the gullible public. Stakes have become too high for the top leader.
The consequences of losing the crown are not difficult to imagine. In hindsight, one would have to rethink whether such action would worth the effort.
Not only that, he has to buy loyalty at every level and even then, it doesn't give him a 100 percent guarantee.
SusahKes: Look at what you have done to perpetuate a legacy of unapologetic bad governance.
And not merely perpetuate, but really, your tenure has seen the limits of decency stretched to such new extremes that the rest of world shake their heads in utter bewilderment and disbelief.
They must be asking - how did Malaysians allow this government to rule for so long? We became, according to an international survey, the world champion of corruption.
Add to that, the largest kleptocracy shenanigan the world has ever seen, and so, you would understand why then, Malaysians clamour for it to end now - yours and Umno's shameless hegemony of our politics.
Anonymous 1689721435778173: Najib, you appear to be so concerned about the survival of your successor when in your reality your sole concern is your survival as a PM.
Oxymoronictendencies: Najib's statements are akin to the "pot calling the kettle black". Who is he trying to fool? He seeks to paint Mahathir as having personal self-interest behind his actions and that he has no principles.
All of which might be true. But let's look at the person making these statements, who in making them infers that he is principled with no interest in his heart other than that of the rakyat’s. And what do we find?
We find that Najib has even fewer principles and has far more personal stakes than Mahathir.
Najib has presided over, and continues to orchestrate, the worst case of kleptocracy the world has ever seen. He is certainly making history for Malaysia, all for all the wrong reasons. History will record only the shame he has brought to our great nation.
And while I rile at his insidious and barefaced blatant hypocrisy, I need to be mindful that such comments are solely targeting at trying to fool his rapidly fragmenting support base within Umno and the kampungs.

Shibboleth: Dr M, you should be proud. Your protege is now better than you - in spinning.- Mkini

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