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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Bugis warrior should be able to take down ‘ship with three captains’

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YOURSAY | Harapan’s ship is doomed to sink. This should be good news to Umno.’
Trueglitter: It is not unexpected the chorus of concerns, vehemently expressed by PM Najib Razak, DPM Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and others at the new formation cum timely emergence of Pakatan Harapan on the Malaysian political landscape, which is apparently becoming a formidable threat to BN-Umno's protracted dominance in Malaysian history.
The event and occasion will be considered exceedingly unprecedented and opportune due to the overwhelming erosion of confidence and abject loss of hope suffered by all Malaysians at the hands of an allegedly corrupt Umno/BN government under the untouchable Najib.
The unsavoury cum unnecessary rhetoric spewed by the apparently much shaken Zahid over the strategic composition of leadership of Harapan would be an unambiguous indication of the advancing fear and erosion of confidence now clutching at the neck of the tyrannical BN/Umno government in face of the rapturous welcome from the long down-trodden and right-minded Malaysians.
Wg321: According to Home Minister Zahid, Harapan’s ship is doomed to sink because there are three captains - Anwar Ibrahim, Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail - with three different maps.
This should be good news to Umno. Why is he so worried?
Go ask the Registrar of Societies (ROS) to approve their application as quickly as possible so that the three captains can start fighting among themselves. At last, Najib can sleep in peace.
Zahid wants the (ROS) to ask the question, "Who is their actual leader?”
The answer is very simple. There is a unity of purpose among the "three captains" to face a common enemy. If Harapan wins the next general election, Mahathir will be the prime minister.
After that, he will pass the baton to Anwar to be next PM after getting a royal pardon for him. In the meantime, Mahathir will lead Harapan in the battle to win the next GE. I hope I not wrong.
Not Convinced: Yes, why worry? The Bugis warrior should have no problem blasting the Harapan ship out of the water.
Hang Babeuf: Three captains perhaps (and lots of experienced sailors and new recruits too!). But the opposition in its diversity has and needs only one policy, one campaign platform.
That the new opposition is "free and independent" - free and independent of the Umno/BN "permanent government" that simply never wants to "let go". Ever.
It is enough for them to stand, and for people to vote, for that. The rest will be worked out sensibly after the election - when the true state of the nation's finances can be opened to independent inspection, analysed, and made known.
Myviews: After so many years at the game, BN has refined their dirty work into an art form.
Just listen to what the DPM said to the ROS, i.e. to “act professionally” when registering the Harapan coalition and to specifically ask who their leader is.
It's a nicer way of telling the ROS to find every means to delay or to find fault with Harapan's registration. If this is not interference with the civil servants’ work, what is?
In just two short days after Harapan's announcement of its leadership structure, BN's leadership not only seem shaken, it has pushed the panic button.
Just look at the slew of comments and criticisms coming from the various ministers, every one of them firing in different directions and sometimes contradicting one another.
Gerard Lourdesamy: Indeed, Zahid, why are you then telling the ROS what to do? The ROS is part of Umno, is it?
The BN has one chairperson but 14 party presidents. Their boat has yet to sink despite 60 years in power. So, how is it different from Harapan?
Dr M is the chair and other party leaders are represented in various capacities. Anwar is merely an advisor in his capacity as ‘ketua umum’ because his conviction and imprisonment disqualify him from any party position.
If the BN record is so great why are they attacking Harapan day and night?
Truth be told, the BN is not a coalition of equals. Umno calls the shots and the rest follow. The Chinese and Indians feel neglected and unappreciated. The Malays feel betrayed by Umno's self-serving corruption and deception.
The rich seem to be getting richer. There is zero integrity and accountability among the political leadership and the rakyat are angry and just fed up.
Mushiro: For his convenience, Zahid saw in the Harapan line-up three captains. Then he went one step higher - he saw three different route maps.
This is a special gift which only Zahid has that Anwar, Dr M and Wan Azizah did not have.
Anwar, Dr M and Wan Azizah saw only one route map and that was how they could agree on the Harapan logo and line-up.

Vgeorgemy: The rakyat is seeing the naming of three individuals as top leaders of Harapan as collective leadership.
Umno might never have thought Dr M will agree to such collective leadership based on his past history.
The era of Umno supreme council’s decision becomes the policy of the nation is coming to an end by Harapan’s current structure of collective leadership.
GE14 will be contested between the autocratic rule by one dominant party and collective leadership through consultations.
Anonymous_1421806811: If only Zahid had looked at his history books, he will realise that during World War Two, the alliance of Britain, US and Russia was a ship with three captains but with one objective - to destroy Nazi Germany.

The objective is more important than their differing ideologies. Good try, Zahid. -Mkini

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