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Monday, July 10, 2017

DAP not delaying CEC re-election, as still no notice from RoS

While the DAP has been accused of delaying the re-election of its central executive committee (CEC), party national legal bureau chief Gobind Singh Deo said it has yet to even receive any official notice from the Registrar of Societies.
"As of 10am this morning, we have not received anything from them.
"The RoS issued a media statement last Friday evening and the public debate on its contents have raged on over the weekend until now," Gobind, the Puchong MP, said in a statement today.
In denying claims that the DAP was delaying the re-election process, he said it was RoS that had delayed officially communicating its directive to the party.
Gobind further pointed out that any delay would jeopardise DAP's preparations for the forthcoming 14th general election.
"It seems as if the RoS intends to force us into holding a fresh re-election, as delays will leave us with little choice in terms of legal redress.
"This is clearly evidence of bad faith on part of the RoS," he stressed.
In another statement issued today, DAP national organising secretary Anthony Loke accused BN propagandists of twisting facts and spreading slander against party secretary-general Lim Guan Eng over issues surrounding the CEC re-election.
"Within these last few days, BN propagandists had tried their best to twist facts, spread slander and repeat their lies in order to confuse the people that the DAP has failed to abide by RoS' directive four years ago and we had intentionally done so for the interests of our leaders.
"One of the worst slanders is that the action by RoS to direct for another re-election of the CEC will benefit Lim Guan Eng, who as secretary-general will be the 'main beneficiary' of a decision to not recognise the CEC appointed on Sept 29, 2013," Loke (photo) said.
Among other slanders the BN propagandists claimed, he said, was that the directive would allow Lim to extend his tenure as secretary-general beyond the three-term limit set by the party's constitution.
This was despite Lim and the other DAP leaders taking a clear stand that the RoS must recognise the outcome of the party's Sept 29, 2013 re-election, he pointed out.
"If Lim wanted to take advantage of the RoS directive, then for sure he would have ordered for a fresh re-election, as directed by the RoS.
"But the CEC's decision on July 8, 2017, is otherwise," said Loke.
'DAP playing sympathy card'
BN Strategic Communications team representative Eric See-To had on Sunday accused the DAP of playing the sympathy card over the matter, arguing that Lim could now serve as secretary-general for at least 17 years.
"Since, neither the 2012 nor the 2013 election results are recognised, if DAP holds its party elections now, then Guan Eng can start his third term and remain secretary-general until the year 2020 - instead of having to retire last year," See-To argued.
The CEC leaders during an emergency meeting last Friday said the issue of a re-election should not arise but they were prepared to meet with the RoS for further discussions after receiving an official notice on the matter.
Loke also claimed that BN propagandists were out to twist facts that the DAP's last CEC re-election was done not in accordance with the RoS' recommendations or the party's constitution.
"I would like to stress that throughout these four years since the CEC re-election was conducted, the ROS had never issued DAP with a written notice on any rules that had been broken, or any directive that had not been complied with.

"To this day we do not know what 'wrongs' we have committed," Loke said.
DAP conducted a re-election of its CEC after it said the the first election results were fudged due to an excel sheet error.
If the DAP complies with the latest RoS instruction, it would be holding the third election for its leadership for the 2013-2016 term.
The leadership's 2013-2016 term expired last September, but DAP is able to postpone its election for 18 months, in accordance with its constitution. This was to prepare for the forthcoming general election.- Mkini

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