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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Hadi: Malays 'mudah lupa' the many scandals besides 1MDB

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang today clarified his stand on 1MDB by noting that the scandal involving the state investment firm is one of the many unresolved scandals in Malaysian history.
Taking a dig at PAS critic Dr Mahathir Mohamad, he said these include the foreign exchange, BMF and Perwaja Steel scandals which happened during Mahathir's tenure as prime minister.
"I am not among those Malays who mudah lupa (forget easily) the pertinent issues in the tenure of each prime minister since the 1980s.
"All of them were left unresolved and forgotten, especially by the Malays who mudah lupa," he said.
This is a reference to the oft-quoted poem by Mahathir titled Melayu Mudah Lupa (Malays forget easily), read out at the Umno general assembly in 2001 to motivate Malays to be steadfast in their struggle to better their outcome.
"1MDB is just one link in a chain of problems which have not been fairly resolved. We had scandals involving BMFPerwaja, the Employee Provident Fund, Petronas, Tabung Haji, the foreign exchangeSkyhawkMaika Holdings and the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ).
"And now we have the 1MDB and the (chief minister's) bungalow in Penang, and possibly even more. All of these involved allegations without just action," he said.
He added the string of scandals is because people seek material gains without heeding the messages of the Quran.
"We don't live to eat but eat to live and perform our obligations to Allah," he said.
Hadi is under fire for decrying foreign intervention over the United States Department of Justice lawsuit to seize assets, said to be bought using stolen 1MDB funds.
In his statement today, he reiterated that inviting foreign intervention into domestic affairs will lead to trouble.
"It is like poking a hole in your ship to get water," the Marang MP said.
"When a pack of dogs in a village fights each other over a bone, they do not invite other dogs to join the fight but will together chase away the 'outsider' dog who tries to enter the fray," he said.

PAS leaders have taken pains to explain that their call against foreign intervention does not mean supporting alleged corruption linked to 1MDB.
The party has also called for a Royal Commission of Inquiry to probe 1MDB.
However, while all leaders are on the same page on the RCI call, deputy president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man seems to take a more nuanced view on the DOJ matter.
Instead of strenuously condemning the "foreign intervention", he said the US action is due to failure of domestic authorities to take due action.- Mkini

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