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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Hadi, two wrongs do not make a right

YOURSAY | ‘With politicians like you around, criminals will have a field day.’
Kim Quek: The litany of unresolved scandals mentioned by PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang, though far from complete, is sufficient to prove one thing - that Umno has failed big time with its corrupt, autocratic and racist rule for the past few decades.
And 1MDB crowns them all with the alleged wholesale theft of billions of public funds, the magnitude and recklessness of which the world has never seen.
The answer to all that is obviously to get rid of Malaysian Official 1 (MO1) and Umno as soon as possible. Why then has Hadi gone out of his way to protect MO1 from legal accountability with all sorts of absurd and baseless arguments?
And the way he is cosying up to Umno leaves one with little doubt that PAS will soon become part of this abominable kleptocracy.
The revered Tok Guru Nik Aziz Nik Mat has only left us for two years, and Hadi looks set to turn the party upside down. And since Hadi seems to have Islam on his lips all the time, one wonders whether he is still keeping his gaze at where heaven is.
Anonymous 2436471476414726: Two wrongs do not make a right, Hadi. Just because Malaysians seem to have forgotten past scandals does not mean we should overlook the 1MDB case.
Bear in mind, there are still chances to recover at least part of the assets acquired allegedly using the stolen 1MDB fund which would be returned to Malaysia. Therefore, this scandal must be pursued with zest and urgency. This is nothing to do with internal politics but the need to see justice done.
You still refuse to understand money laundering on the international stage which warrant action by foreign countries whose banking laws had been violated. The question of foreign meddling does not arise at all.
This all the creation of Umno’s leaders because they cannot refute the allegations by the US Department of Justice (DOJ) with facts and evidence.
Unfortunately, you Hadi and your colleague Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi also sing the spin churned out by the defenders of MO1. With politicians like you around, criminals will have a field day.
Frankie: DOJ didn't come to Malaysia to investigate what happened to 1MDB, and if they did then you would nevertheless cry foreign intervention.
A lot of money was laundered in the US, which is why DOJ is investigating as the fraud is carried out in their jurisdiction. It just happened that those people allegedly laundering the monies are tied to the PM of Malaysia.
So no, DOJ definitely did not intervene in the affairs of Malaysia, they are just going after crimes committed in the US.
Kingfisher: What is Hadi’s point? His analogy about "a pack of dogs in a village fighting" and not approving the intervention of an "outsider dog" gives much scope for speculation of a rather strange and parochial complexion in the "social contract" amongst the village pack, especially considering the far-reaching multiplier negative impact of the "bone" in the fight.
And to imply that there have been a number of scandals (uninvestigated?) in some 40 years and consequently this one needs no urgency (PAS suggested a royal commission) is baffling to say the least considering the alleged criminal heist of billions of public funds from a national sovereign fund by the very people entrusted to promote it and protect it from abuse.
Hadi seems to be much of a spiritual sage in his reticence and his downplaying a serious crime committed with every character trait of greed, insidious and intend to defraud a trusting public.
Sama2: It's so very strange how this "religious" politician is finding ways to "justify and purify" the 1MDB scandal and to make it kosher and legal.
What kind of a religious practice is this? He is literally saying that two wrongs can make a right.
The Fog of War: Yes, another link in the chain that spells out what a sick nation we have become, devoid of any core values. The lack of past action on earlier scandals can never be an excuse for change and stepping up to do the right thing.
What 1MDB has shown is that we have made zero progress on the values that really matter. When you sow filth/corruption, you reap filth/corruption. The last one to leave, please turn off the lights.
Kingfisher: Apparently the "joint task force" set up in March 2015 to investigate the 1MDB and "disbanded five months later" was already privy to some information about highly suspicious money transactions.
It would leave many wondering now, given the recent exposure of alleged huge money swindling racket in 1MDB, as to why the task force members who were prominent officials from national regulatory and enforcement agencies did not exercise individual persuasion "then" - even after the task force was disbanded - to find the moral courage for a proper resolution.
This is admittedly a troubling thought, especially in a nation dedicated to democratic governance. Functional authority to lead and resolve problems impacting not only institutions of governance but society at large requires no compromise in the moral right of functionaries.
FairMind: A PM is supposed to prevent and check corruption but instead we have a PM who personally going to the ground allegedly corrupting every agency and institutions in Malaysia.
I don't know whether to laugh or cry at the astonishing deeds performed by MO1. Does that answer the many foreigners who are so perplexed why MO1 is “unsinkable” despite the clear evidence of corruption?
Hank Marvin: The military, unlike before, is getting more and more involved in Umno politics since PM Najib Razak took over the Defence Ministry. In the past, it was just the police, through the Special Branch.
But now we see the alleged direct involvement of the military. What emerged from the Sarawak Report is just the confirmation of the worrying trend.
Gaji Buta: I fear that we will all very soon become 'theft and corruption fatigued' and that this kind of news no longer surprises or enrages us.
Maybe this is the regime's tactic - stay silent and until it sinks in and gets accepted or tolerated, just like breaking a wild horse, and eventually no one cares, and moves on to other issues.
Anonymous 2436471476414726: The Inland Revenue Board (LHDN) must investigate those individuals and organisations mentioned above to see whether or not they have declared the income received from Najib.

If not, and they are liable, LHDN must take the appropriate action. Over to you, LHDN. Remember, no fear or favour.- Mkini

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