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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Hadi’s open letter: Give Islamic approach a chance

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang has questioned the reason certain non-Muslims are attempting to impose the ideologies of westerners such as Karl Marx and Adam Smith instead of their own respective religions.
He also asked non-Muslims to give the Islamic approach a chance.
“Why can't they give the Islamic approach to politics, economy and society, without any compulsion to leave their religions, a try?
"Even if they don't accept it, do not become an obstacle," he added in an open letter to Malaysians.
On a more serious note, the PAS leader said there should be no compromise with those who opposed the implementation of Islamic practices, values and laws.
"There will be no compromise against the obstacles to Islam's journey or those complicit in creating these obstacles.
"There will be no compromise with those who make use of Islam, or fan racism to sideline Muslims, without respecting or showing gratitude," he added.
The Marang MP said that Muslims form Malaysia's core and deserve respect.
"Do not forget that Muslims accepted a multi-ethnic society without religious coercion and (guaranteed) religious rights in accordance with the Federal Constitution," he added.
Hadi said all Malaysians must respect other constitutional provisions such as Islam's position in Malaysia, the constitutional monarchy, the national language, bumiputera rights and the rights protecting others in a multi-ethnic society.
"The people should reject any political party or anyone who wants to undo the constitution. Do not make things worse. Instead, make improvements towards strengthening Islam and its laws.
"The people should reject any party or person who is the servant of those who wish to destroy the constitution or become servants of occupiers or are inviting colonialists to return," he added.
Hadi said Muslims are compelled not to impose their religion on others but are compelled by their religion to ensure that the requirements in the Quran's supersede that of the constitution.

He concluded his letter with the PAS' slogan "Sejahtera Bersama Islam (Harmony with Islam)", arguing that only Islamic principles can resolve problems such as corruption and "all other wrongs".
"Change without Islam will certainly see a repeat of the same problems because of lack of faith.
"'Tegakkan Islam semuanya selamat, tanpa Islam pasti tidak selamat'. (Uphold Islam and all will be safe, without Islam there is no safety)," he added. -Mkini

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