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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Hizbut Tahrir Illegal In Indonesia

Indon govt Wed disbanded Islamic organisation that wants caliphate
revoked legal status of Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia 
Jokowi decree to disband organisations threatening national unity.
decree targeting hard-line Islamic organisations 
Hizbut Tahrir banned in Middle Eastern, Central Asian countries
Hizbut Tahrir's rallies seeking prosecution of Ahok (Tjahaja Purnama)
Purnama 1st Christian governor of Jakarta in 50 yrs, jailed two years 
Indonesia world's most populous Muslim-majority country, govt is secular.

My comments :  Well done Indonesia. This is a major development in Indonesia. 
1st they recognise the threat posed by the Hizbut Tahrir.
2nd they have now pushed the HT underground. The HT has a few million members in Indonesia.

This is the flag of Hizbut Tahrir iNdonesia:

Here is the flag that is similar to that of Isis, Saudi Arabia, the Caliphate of the Caucasus (Emiriah Kavkasus) :

The point to note about all these groups (and you too dear Muslim reader) is this :

1. Can you discuss criticism and different views (that disagree with you) in a civilised manner? Without the sword, without violence ? Any kind of violence ie mob violence, RUU355 type laws, religious department power of arrest etc? Can you be civilised?

2. Can you discuss your beliefs without getting angry? We can discuss if cholesterol is dangerous to health or not - without getting angry. If you get angry discussing cholesterol, it means you are stupid.  In the same way can you discuss your religion without getting angry?  If you get angry discussing your religion, does it mean you are NOT stupid?

3.  Can you provide some solid evidence for your religious beliefs? The Quran says "Haatu burhanukum inkuntum sadikin"  - bring forward your proofs if indeed you are truthful. Can you bring forward your proofs?  What kind of proof do you have? Just bring it forward.

And what if you dont have proof?

My father heard from his father who heard from his best friend's neighbour who heard from his brother in law who heard from his father bla bla bla .  .  . 

This is the 21st century. Sampai bila lagi nak jadi bodoh? Hidup percaya karut marut?




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