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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Jakim should leave Muslim pet dog owner alone

YOURSAY | ‘This is not a matter of right and wrong; it’s about power and control.’
Negarawan: The Islamic Development Department (Jakim) has told Muslim dog owner Nurhanizah Abdul Rahman to repent, advising her that the unnecessary touching of dogs is forbidden in the Shafie school of Islam followed in Malaysia.
Nurhanizah, in a video uploaded to Facebook, had shared the story of her relationship with her pet dog Bubu as part of a pet food competition.
Jakim is the one that should repent for its extreme hypocrisy. Instead of taking action against people for their cruelty towards animals, especially those who tried to cause harm to Nurhanizah’s dog, Jakim is intimidating Nurhanizah into submission.
Nurhanizah, in her compassion and mercy, is trying to save the dog. She had also tried to find a suitable owner to adopt the dog. She is merely sharing her story on Facebook, so what's wrong with that?
On the other hand, Jakim has taken zero action against Riza Aziz, a Muslim Malaysian who produced a sexually explicit movie, "The Wolf of Wall Street", which is filled with promiscuity and provocative language.
Tell me, Jakim, is this an issue with the Shafie school of thought?
Trueglitter: The stark hypocrisy endeavoured by the opportunistic cum antagonistic Jakim director-general Othman Mustapha to aggrandise his self-image via his demonic and demeaning attacks at Nurhanizan for the latter's affection and keeping of a strayed dog, despite being a Muslim, should deserve an avalanche of condemnations from the right-minded visitors to this site, whatever their race, creed or nationality might be.
Our Malaysian culture, amid the harmonious diversity of various races and religious beliefs, has taught us to be compassionate and tolerant towards one another and inevitably also encompasses the mutual respect and tolerance to the keeping of pets by neighbours.
The ennobled gesture demonstrated by Nurhanizan for salvaging a stray dog that has become her fond companion, had shown remarkable sensitivity to her Muslim neighbours by walking her pet only at night, should be applauded and not be capitalised for religious or political reasons.
Existential Turd: It is those who throw faeces and poison-laced food into Nurhanizah's house who are committing sin and should repent. What does Malaysian school of Islam provide to punish these people?
Nurhanizah has shown compassion to strays. That is a value we should promote.
Gerard Lourdesamy: Aren't dogs also Allah's creation?
Has Jakim seen the famous 1930s photograph of the Kelantan mufti seated next to the favourite dog of the sultan, holding the dog's chain? The 1937 debate in the state about a prince wanting to own a dog as a pet where finally scholars at Al-Azhar University in Cairo said a Muslim could keep a dog?
When there are different Muslim schools of thought on the matter, why is Jakim intruding on a person's private beliefs?
Why does Jakim keep quiet when dogs are deliberately killed and maimed by Muslims for no reason? A person only needs to repent if they sin in the eyes of Allah. That is not something that Jakim decides.
Anonymous 2457571486440266: Good on you, Nurhanizah, keep up the good work. I am sure you have made Bubu a very happy dog. Any decent human being would appreciate the love and kindness you have shown this animal.
Bornean: Nurhanizah, well done. Do what your heart, and not Jakim, tells you. At least, you are better than them by giving love and affection to Bubu.
Awang Top: She is more Islamic than most others. The way she treats animals speaks louder than those who have condemned her.
FairMind: I am a non-Muslim dog owner and animal lover. As such, Nurhanizah, I can really empathise with you when you say that food laced with poison and faeces have been thrown inside your compound.
Annually throughout the month of Ramadan, I have had children throwing firecrackers and stones into my compound where my two dogs were kept.
These are little children between the ages of 12 to 16, going to the nearby surau to pray. They are just mischievous, and the severity of my situation is nothing compared to yours.
I have learned to accept it annually by keeping my dogs inside the house for the whole month.
Desperate for Change: Jakim, focus on the poor Muslims who need food. Focus on educating people about true Islam. Leave people to live their lives as they wish. Do not police religion.
Mahsuri: The many Muslim dog owners in Petaling Jaya alone would beg to differ, Jakim. With the real threat of radicalisation of Muslim Malaysians by Islamic State already on our shores, this is what Jakim focuses on?
Anonymous 2283971484043962: I live in Saudi Arabia, the land of the two holy mosques. Jakim must come here to observe the number of dog owners. They will be shocked.
Tan Soo Inn: Surely, other sins are more serious and deserve more urgent attention. But I think this is no longer primarily a matter of right and wrong. This is now a matter of power and control.
Gaji Buta: Can one expect other Muslim dog owners to come together, stand up for their choice, and defend this girl? My guess - no.
JD Lovrenciear: Indeed, where are the voices of the Muslims of Malaysia? Where are the words of wisdom of those who have been proclaimed as the anointed vanguards of Malay Islam? Where are the politicians who have been preaching “moderate” Malay Islam?
Here is a national issue that affronts humanity. To Nurhanizah, may the power of your faith keep you stronger in the wake of this attack upon you and innocent Bubu.
It is time that Malay Muslims woke up with strength in their hearts, and champion compassion and love, which are the cornerstones of Islam.
Odin Tajué: Nurhanizah, I also love dogs. I have been keeping dogs. I have been keeping them as well as I would were they my human children. I have read up as much as I could about dogs. Hardly any other species can match them.
I have also experienced their extraordinary capabilities - capabilities that would shock the uninitiated. If you believe in the Creator, and that the Creator created dogs, follow your heart and not the words of some mere humans. May Allah bless you abundantly, my sister.
Rupert16: The question to ask is this: "Do you think Allah will love Nurhanizah more who has shown compassion to His other creation, which is a dog, out of her own Allah-given conscience than someone who asked Hurhanizah to repent because she did not follow a particular school of Islamic thoughts?"
The answer is obvious, isn't it?
Anonymous #28648954: Nurhanizah didn't touch her dog for no reason. She was showing it love and affection.

Can someone explain to me like I'm a six-year old, how does showing love and affection to a fellow animal cause distress to other people?- Mkini

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