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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Kampong Boys Appoint ISIS, Al Qaeda Linked Outfit To Promote Wahhabism Through New 'Peace Center'

American terror expert baffled M'sia work with Saudi in promoting moderation and countering terrorism new centre in Putrajaya.

Zachary Abuza professor at National War College, Washington 

failed to understand why Najib partnering Riyadh
known for spread of Wahhabism, an “intolerant version of Islam”.

Saudis spreading Wahhabism throughout world, especially Southeast Asia

To reach out to Saudis for centre of moderate Islam is a joke. 

Nothing moderate about Saudi Arabia

Najib announced gomen approved 16ha in Putrajaya 
to build “centre for peace” named after Saudi king.

The King Salman Centre for International Peace (KSCIP)

Muslim World League (MWL) funded by Saudi involved in new centre
MWL for decades Riyadh’s chief mouthpiece 

financing of mosques, Islamic centres from Asia to Europe.

British think tank linked MWL to Al-Qaeda, Taliban and (IS)

MWL associate is World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) 
long involvement with violent Islamist extremism 
MWL officials, member organisations linked with Al-Qaeda, Taliban 
London's Henry Jackson Society report, “Foreign Funded Extremism in UK" 
Formed by Saudi intelligence

Abuza said MWL creation of Saudi intelligence
He said group channelled “money and extreme elements”

many charities “misdirected or misused by militant groups”.

Saudi-linked organisations promoting Wahhabism

Abuza : possibility KSCIP geared towards promoting Wahhabism

Saudis want to spread Wahhabism

IS gained proportionately large following among Malaysians 

Abuza could not understand need for Saudi to counter terrorism

adding that it could have to do with 1MDB.
Saudi important to Najib  politically and financially, like 1MDB, investments. 

Clearly Najib following Saudi line. 
Whether out of principle or investments, hard to say.

Abuza said no ideological difference between Saudi and IS

Abuza said KSCIP “counter-productive” in fighting IS and terrorism.

“If you want to set up idealogical challenge to IS, it has to be more pluralistic, tolerant rather than mimicking less barbaric practices.”

My comments : Yesterday I listened to another psycho Wahhabi from the Middle East, giving a talk at an institute here. They look dirty, scruffy and I tell you folks, these morons are really stupid. The biggest threat are the dozens of young Malay boys and girls who sit and listen to these idiots in wonderment. And these kids were all students, undergraduates and post graduates.

Anyway thank you to Free Malaysia Today for interviewing this American professor above. Note this : 

Abuza could not understand need for Saudi to counter terrorism
adding that it could have to do with 1MDB.

These are very desperate times for the crooks. 
To save their hides, they will sell themselves  even to the most stupid Wahhabi morons.

Bodoh. Pilihlah yang elok sikit.  

I wonder what Ayob Khan  Mydin Pitchay has to say about this? 

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