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Monday, July 17, 2017

Kampong Boys Managing The Country : Trainee Teachers Lose Allowance, Malay Students Eat RM1 White Rice For Lunch,

"gomen data shows average income fell from US$10,345 in 2013 to US$8,821 in 2016.." 

Kan saya sudah cakap sejak bertahun lagi : Melayu Miskin Dulu.
Pertama kali saya sebut "Melayu Miskin Dulu" pada tahun 2011. 
That was six years ago. 

It has only been getting worse and worse. Here is more reality. (Thank you to the reader who sent me this.) 

Chief Thief says 'okonomi kita segaaar bugaaar'. 

5.6% growth in the first quarter of 2017. 
Exports have hit an "unprecedented RM80 BILLION" bla bla bla.  
They are not telling us the whole story.  

Here are huge swathes of the country and economy where things are going downhill, very very fast.

Pelajar UTHM makan nasi putih dan kuah, dakwa peniaga kedai makan
12 Julai 2017

kos sara hidup semakin meningkat

kesan dirasai  pelajar  Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM)

kenaikkan harga barang kian mencengkam masyarakat negara 

pelajar hanya makan nasi berlaukkan kuah serta air kosong semata
kebanyakan mereka dari keluarga yang tidak berkemampuan. 
keadaan ekonomi semakin mendesak rakyat 
turut menjejaskan perniagaan

Dulu dari 10 orang, dua daripadanya makan macam ni 

hari ni 8-9 orang makan macam ni sepanjang waktu

Ekonomi kita teruk, rakyat semakin teruk terbeban

gaji macam tu tapi barang belanja semakin mahal

pelajar menanggung kesan kepincangan pengurusan ekonomi negara

My comments : 

Well it will only get worse, worse and more worse. 

Their parents have little or no capacity to go out and earn extra income to support their kids. This is not the fault of the students. It is their families who have no options. That is what we are talking about here.

Malay folks, please listen up. Other students may not have the same problems. Go to Taylor's College "Lakeside Campus". They have Starbucks on campus. It is always full of students. 

Pasai apa orang lain boleh? 
Pasai apa kita tak boleh dan tak boleh? 
Kita tak pegang anjing pun. 
Depa pegang anjing. 
Tapi depa dapat lagi banyak "berkat".

Orang kita yang banyak rezeki pula pencuri  1MDB serta ahli keluarga mereka.
Depa kaya raya sebab curi duit orang.  
Yang lain pula diam saja, tak bising pun. 
Something is seriously wrong here. 

Anyway here is more sad news : 

sharp drop in sales for consecutive months laid bare this fact

no savings to tide over downturn in his three-year-old business.

seek urgent RM2,000 loan from friend to keep business afloat

no buffer to cushion sudden drop in sales.

Bank Negara survey showed 3 of 4 Malaysians difficult to raise RM1k for  emergency

BNM survey showed majority of M'sians spend on instant gratification 

Only one in four has any form of investment. 

(My comments : Please give the racial breakdown. In M'sia everything is race, race, race. So please do not generalise. If you generalise, then you will not be able to identify, isolate and treat the problem.)
low-ranking civil servants unable to save any money each month
incomes keep pace with rising cost of living
savings depleted by minor emergency, repair vehicle

low savings because rise in household expenditure 

If expenditure rises but incomes do not rise then little savings

gomen data shows average income fell 15% from US$10,345 in 2013 to US$8,821 in 2016

big factor is rise in prices of goods

includes food, household products and services

The survey revealed by Bank Negara deputy governor Abdul Rasheed Ghaffour 

Most Malaysians will face financial pressure if loss of income

Retiring poor

ability of Malaysians to retire with enough savings also an issue

BNM found only 40% Malaysians financially ready for retirement

(Let me guess, that would mostly be non Malays)

Most M'sian consumers don’t have money for emergencies, what more retirement.

Zainal gardener said : "leaving it to fate and children" about his retirement
gomen pensioner Karim could not depend on adult children 
they themselves had trouble keeping afloat 

Zainal, Karim gave first names as civil servants not allowed to speak to press

children give me money 

next month they borrow from me

My comments :  Our old customer called and urgently wanted some cash (for old gold). A family member had not paid rent for their business premises for three months and the landlord had turned off the electricity. So tak boleh niaga. So the parent was trying to help out.  

Two things to note. 

1st the family member's business is obviously in deep shit. This is the situation in Malaysia today.

2ndly the parent  has no emergency cash. Has to offer old gold to raise cash.  

Ok here is more sad news from The Star . This one in particular is a killer.


Allowances for trainee teachers stop from June 2018 
no longer get living expenses, travel allowances said Dep Minister 

ministry will continue funding undergrad degree in Education  (PISMP)

total cost of 4 yr PISMP fee is RM27,831, still borne by Govt,” he told Star 

Trainee teachers can apply for PTPTN loan to help with living expenses, he said.
RM430 monthly living expense allowance 

travel allowance not exceeding RM500 per year

teachers in Malaysia enrol in Institute of Teacher Education’s foundation course.
after 1 yr pre-undergrad degree in Education trainees go on to PISMP
Both PPISMP and PISMP conducted in full-time mode.

fees totalling RM8,163, would be paid by Govt.

(NUTP) said soft-landing approach should have been taken.
those enrolling in PISMP must be told prior to implementation of new policy

urge ministry to reconsider abolishing allowances as it would hit poor hard.
at least 30% of trainees’ parents are (BRIM) recipients.

How will the poor cope?
most trainees unaware of new ruling.
trainees who take loan, would cause them to get into debt.

Read more at http://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2017/07/13/trainee-teacher-allowances/#3EyksjuD17CY5dPy.99

My comments :  Yo  Thieves listen up:  at least 30% of trainee teachers come from families that are recipients of BR1M.  So how can they afford to give their trainee teacher children (mostly Malay girls) an extra RM400 or RM500 per month to pay for rental and food? 

I think the figure is more than 30% (dependent on BR1M). 

Chief Thief masturbates  over the fact that he has put  7 million people (mostly Malays)  on the BR1M list.   

Most recently Chief Thief was gleefully masturbating that he gave "free rice" and other Hari Raya aid to NINE MILLION PEOPLE ! ! Again mostly Malays ! ! 

He thinks it is a great achievement to have so many MILLIONS OF MALAYS waiting for BR1M and free rice. 

The Deputy Minister gives a solution :  "Trainee teachers can apply for PTPTN loan to help with living expenses, he said.

PTPTN loans are for paying fees. 

When my son was at Taylor's University the PTPTN released the loans DIRECTLY to the university or college AFTER  documentary evidence is provided that fees are due and that the student is properly enrolled at that university / college.

So what sort of documents will PTPTN accept from students as evidence to pay their room rentals and Maggie Mee purchases ?

Lets say the trainee teacher purchases 14 packets of Maggie Mee at 99 Supermart, do they submit the receipt to PTPTN to "drawdown" the loan?  

What about room rentals? Students rarely have proper receipts, especially when eight students are sharing one apartment.

I think the Deputy Minister was talking thru his @$$. 

I think all those young girls from Kelantan, Kedah, Perak and elsewhere who have few other options for upward social mobility other than joining teacher training programs will now have to stay back in their towns and villages.   There will be much less intake of trainee teachers as well.  There will be major consequences.

So please ask the Chief Thief what has happened? 

First quarter 5.6% growth in an "okonomi segar bugar" 
"Unprecedented" RM80 Billion exports. 
Then why does the gomen have to cut the allowances for trainee teachers? 

Dulu semua kasi free, free, free.
Sekarang semua sudah jadi bukan free lagi.
I wonder what all those kampong girls will do if they cannot leave the kampongs and become trainee teachers?  

Can they become brain surgeons or 1MDB advisors or run international export businesses? Just wondering.

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