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Monday, July 10, 2017

'Moon' takes a swipe as ROS threatens to ground 'rocket'

Four years ago, as DAP scrambled to deal with the possibility that its candidates would not be able to ride on the “rocket” during the election, its former ally PAS offered the “moon” instead.
"…Action might be taken against DAP over its central executive committee election.
“If DAP is not allowed to use its symbol (rocket), we are prepared to offer the use of the PAS symbol (the moon)," PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang was reported as saying then.
Now, DAP faces the same dilemma again due to the election of its central executive committee (CEC).
This time around, PAS has taken a different stance as seen in the articles published in the party's official mouthpiece Harakah.
One article said if the elections were to be held soon, DAP would have to beg its partners in Pakatan Harapan to borrow their logos, just as it did in 2013.
In another piece, another writer opined that this was God's test for DAP after the latter had meddled in the 2015 PAS elections.
This was in reference to claims that DAP had backed progressive elements within PAS during that year's party elections.
The elections saw Hadi's ulama and conservative faction annihilate the progressives, who were booted out from the party leadership.
This split resulted in the setting up of PAS splinter-party Parti Amanah Negara (Amanah), which PAS constantly mocks as being a DAP stooge.
The article also accused DAP of dishing out rhetoric in supporting Bersih's call for clean and fair national elections, when its internal elections are riddled with problems as well.
Last Friday, the Registrar of Societies (ROS) ordered DAP to hold a fresh CEC election, claiming its 2013 re-election was not in accordance with the law.
DAP had in 2013 voluntarily held a CEC re-election after an excel spreadsheet error affected the results of the initial election held on Dec 15, 2012.

The result of the re-election was communicated to the ROS on Nov 8, 2013, pursuant to the provision of our constitution and the Societies Act 1966.
The ROS, however, did not recognise the 2013 outcome either and DAP took them to court.
The lawsuit was dropped after an ROS lawyer told the court that: " ...the ROS recognises that the DAP CEC elected on Sept 29, 2013, may carry out all its powers, functions and duties in the administration of the daily affairs of the DAP in accordance with the constitution of the DAP".- Mkini

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