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Friday, July 7, 2017

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Here is an old picture. Mufti Kelantan (entah abad yang mana) pegang anjing sultan.

Jakim doesn’t decide what is sin, Muslim personalities say in dog row

Jakim no power to issue fatwa make decisions on Islamic rules, except halal certification. 

July 6 ― Muslim personalities disputed authority of (Jakim) 

authority and jurisdiction of agency called into question

Quranic verses indicate not prohibited for Muslims to touch dogs.

Wan Ji Wan Hussin said no part of Quran or hadith says “haram” for Muslims to touch dogs.

“All we have is Shafie which stated that needs to wash seven times, including once with earth water, if they touch dogs,” he wrote 

repenting does not arise for it does not involve sin. Jakim does not decide what is a sin,” 

Jakim DG Othman Mustapha urged woman, who adopted stray to “repent” for her actions.

Wan Ji also referred “fatwa” by Ibn Abd Al-Barr, who said touching dogs is “makruh” 

“The fatwa does not list this as ‘haram’ (forbidden)

Jakim no power to fatwa or make decisions on Islamic rules, except halal certification.

“Jakim is not state religious body, so DG does not have status of mufti,” 

no jurisdiction to advise or to warn anyone regarding rules of raising pet dogs

Jakim “should not interfere” in jurisdiction of “mufti” and religious councils

Siti Kasim labelled Jakim an “insult to Islam” 

shared verse from Quran in which dogs are mentioned as trained animals.

“Repent Jakim. You are going against God’s words,” she wrote.

Anas Zubedy said woman promised heaven by Prophet because she was kind to  dog.

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