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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

NGO wants answers from PKR MP over firm's debt with Yayasan Selangor

An NGO has demanded a PKR MP and a former state assemblyperson to explain the RM233,833 debt which a firm owes Yayasan Selangor.
At a press conference held at the Yayasan Selangor office in Shah Alam today, Pertubuhan Inspirasi Melayu Gombak (Impak) president Zul Azhari Mohamed Juah claimed to have received a poison-pen letter on the matter.
The letter, he said, alleged that the MP and former assemblyperson served as negotiators for the firm to resolve the outstanding rental for four premises in a building.
“There is a company we are not naming which owes Yayasan Selangor for the past six years... from the documentation we have, the sum is RM233,833,” he added.
Zul Azhari said while Impak supported Yayasan Selangor and its activities, the NGO however is disappointed with the alleged misuse of its funds.
He also urged other NGOs to expose wrongdoings which have occurred under the present state government.

“Let's expose these issues together... to see if there are any weakness in the PKR government,” he added.
Earlier, Zul Azhari submitted an open letter regarding the issue to Yayasan Selangor's corporate communication manager Zaini Sulaiman.
Malaysiakini has contacted the MP in question for comment.
In 2013, former Selangor menteri besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim had ordered for legal action to be taken in relation to the debt.
Khalid was replaced by PKR deputy president Azmin Ali as menteri besar in 2014.- Mkini

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