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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Sack him, demands father of boy 'burned' by teacher

Image result for eight-year-old boy who was allegedly burned on the cheek by his teacher

The father of the eight-year-old boy who was allegedly burned on the cheek by his teacher for playing in the classroom is adamant the teacher responsible should be sacked from his job.
Failing which, he and others concerned about the case, will conduct a strike in front of the primary school in Port Dickson, Said Sudu, 32, told Malaysiakini.
The boy, Mohamad Fikri Said suffered three blisters on his cheek after his Mathematics teacher allegedly heated a metal sharpener by rubbing it on the floor and placed it on the former's cheek, for playing in the classroom during lessons, on July 11.
The boy was also reportedly slapped on the same spot by the 32-year-old male teacher. Said has since lodged a police report on the matter.
According to Said, he and his wife went to the school last Friday and the headmistress offered to settle the matter by paying compensation for the boy's medical fees.
The headmistress also urged the boy's parents to drop the case against the teacher, as "he was young and his future will be lost if action is taken", added Said.
A video of the meeting, secretly recorded using a hidden camera, is making its rounds in social media.
Said also lamented the purported delay in action by the police in the matter.
"The police told me it can take up to a month before they can act as they are currently awaiting a report from the hospital on my son's wounds," he said.

Said is adamant that he would not settle for anything short of the teacher's sacking.
"I have given the school two weeks (from the day of the incident) to take action.
"If the teacher is still there beyond that, I, with several NGOs who have expressed concern about the case, will conduct a strike outside the school," he said. - Mkini

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