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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Thieves Panicking : Internal Survey Shows BN Can Only Win NINE Parliamentary Seats !!

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Thats what I heard. 

Source : Ahlul Kahfi or Cave Dweller.

They say the BN commissioned an internal survey to see their chances of winning in the general elections. 

The survey showed they can win ONLY NINE PARLIAMENTARY SEATS ! ! 
And one of these NINE SEATS is the Cave dweller's. 

Folks, they can spend all the money they want. 
The thieves are just not going to win the elections.  

The RAHMAN THEORY is going to come true. 
It will be the end of the BN. 
MCA, MIC etc will go kaput. 

The Thieves are panicking. 
They are making all sorts of stupid and insane statements.

But they are having serious trouble with "Enemy Identification".

From my experience, identifying the real enemy can be a real problem and a very big danger to resolve conflicts and problems.

After the Second World War was over and Adolph Hitler was dead, Churchill is believed to have said, "We have killed the wrong pig".

The Thieves are having serious difficulty with enemy identification.

Until a few weeks ago it was the DAP.  DAP this, DAP that, etc.

Now it is Dr Mahathir. Dr Mahathir this, Dr Mahathir that, etc.

This is a terrible mistake. 
And they are wasting so much time, energy and resources going after the wrong enemy.

The real pig is within. 
The enemy is not outside.
Their worst enemy is on the inside - pissing on all of them.  

As Anina Saadudin said so eloquently, "Dia kincin kita semua."

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