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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Why Are The Pakatan People Still Asking For The Special Audit Report On 1MDB?

(LSS) – All the PAC members – including the opposition MPs – have read the Audit report.
This AG report was used by them among other reports for them to prepare the final PAC report (which Tony Pua said he was 80% happy with) which concluded that there was no money missing from 1MDB.
The final PAC report was then signed off by all members of the PAC – including the opposition MPs.
1MDB had already paid off all their bank loans and short-term loans whilst the remaining three long-term bonds have been taken care of while the settlement with IPIC takes care of the USD2.5 billion in fund assets of which 1MDB had already received payments.
The Special Audit report on 1MDB doesn’t have any big exposes or smoking guns in there lah. If yes, the opposition MPs would already have mentioned them or would not have signed off on the PAC report.
So please don’t get confused.
Better the Pakatan ask for the Special Audit Report or the PAC Report on the RM100 billion BNM Forex scandal – for which zero sen has been recovered.
Say what??
No Special Audit Report or PAC report was ever made for the RM100 billion Forex scandal?
Why not?

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