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Wednesday, July 19, 2017


As far as I know,
Bumiputera definition that been used is based on Federation Constitution Of Malaysia :
  • Peninsular Malaysia
If one of the parents is Muslim Malay or Orang Asli as stated in Article 160 (2) Federal Constitution of Malaysia; thus the child is considered as a Bumiputra”.
  • Sabah
If a father is a Muslim Malay or indigenous native of Sabah as stated in Article 160A (6)(a) Federal Constitution of Malaysia; thus his child is considered as a Bumiputra”.
  • Sarawak
If both of the parent are indigenous native of Sarawak as stated in Article 160A (6)(b) Federal Constitution of Malaysia; thus their child is considered as a Bumiputra”.
Well, that’s as according to the Constitution.
However, I know that there are many Indian Muslims who had one way or another became Malays, thus Bumiputera.
I even have a friend whose parents were born in India but brothers whose birth certificate stated that they are Malays.
They even got to study in MRSM and later furthered their study on Mara scholarship because of that.
My friend, however, for some unclear reasons, have a birth certificate which stated that he is an Indian Muslim.
Weird right?
There are other stories like that.
Probably that’s why some people tend to question the ethnicity of those with traces of Indian ancestry who claimed themselves to be Malays.
Some even argued that former PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is not a real Malay because he got Indian blood. But I don’t think that’s right because his mother was definitely a Malay and was said to be a descendant of the famous 18th century Kedah Menteri Besar Datuk Wan Muhammad Saman Wan Ismail who introduced large scale paddy farming in the state. So, Dr Mahathir as per constitution is definitely a Malay and a Bumiputera.

I think it’s the same case with his friend-turned-enemy-turned-friend again DS Anwar Ibrahim who some also said to have Indian blood.
Well, actually this Bumiputera thing is just not confined to Indian Muslims.
I also know of one guy whose parents are Chinese who converted to Islam but was admitted to study at UiTM (at that time it was still ITM and exclusively for Bumiputera).
Guess, he also have a birth certificate which stated that he is a Malay.
Personally, I don’t have a problem about individuals who attain the Bumiputera status in such a way.
If they or their parents were so keen to be a Bumiputera that they did all kind of things possible for it, I think they should then be allowed to  be Bumiputera.
You see, they were even willing to be officially known as Malays instead of their true ethnic selves, which I think is quite a sacrifice.
Even more so, they genuinely tried very hard to live as Malays.
Not bad, but the ladies should wear baju kurung la instead of saree, okay

So, I don’t mind these people getting their Bumiputera status.
What I don’t agree to, is for people to say that they want the Bumiputera status but not willing to do anything to deserve it.
If I’m PM DS Najib Razak, I would tell the Indian Muslims who demanded the Bumiputera status that if they really wanted that, then their community need to stop being Indian Muslims and become Malays, or Orang Asli or whatever it takes per the constitution to qualify as Bumiputera.
At least make the effort for it lah.
Don’t simply demand something like that, especially just because the general election is coming.
Not nice like that, okay. Sounds like blackmail.
Anyway, I really don’t mind anyone else from other ethnic background to be Bumiputera.
But I think they need to be sincere about it and submit to what the constitution dictates over the matter.
Or at least try the best to be so.
For instance, if you are a Chinese and want the Bumiputera status, then stop being a Chinese and try to be a Malay or Orang Asli or whatever it takes to be Bumiputera as per the constitution.
Do something like that, and not just bitch about it, okay.
Well, actually I find that a bit silly though.
Why would a Chinese wants to be a Malay in the first place?
I wouldn’t do that.
I would be proud of being a Chinese.
After all, the Chinese in Malaysia as a community are doing better than others in almost every aspect of life and they are being so without such things as Bumiputera status.
So, I don’t think they really need it anyway.
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