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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Umno wants cops to provide documents on RM116.7 million cash raid

Commercial Crime Investigation Department chief Amar Singh at a press conference to announce the items seized during raids on premises linked to Najib Razak.
KUALA LUMPUR: Umno today sought to compel the police to provide documents related to the party’s suit to recover RM116.7 million in cash seized by the authorities as part of investigations into state investment fund 1MDB.
The former ruling party called on the police to provide a copy of the police report used as basis for the raids, the full list of cash seized, the report on the seized money and the pictures of the cash.
It claimed in its discovery application that Commercial Crime Investigation Department chief Amar Singh was in possession of these documents but did not want to disclose them.
Umno’s lawyer Hariharan Singh said High Court judge Nik Hasmat Nik Mohamed would hear the party’s bid to get the documents from the police on Dec 4.
He added that the court had not set a date to hear the police’s bid to strike out Umno’s recovery suit.
“We received the formal striking out application from the police and government two days ago,” he said, adding that the police wanted the suit dismissed on grounds that Umno had no legal standing to file it.
Umno, through its executive secretary Rauf Yusoh, filed the recovery lawsuit against the police and government on Sept 21.
The party named Amar, his deputy Mohd Sakri Ariffin, police officer R Rajagopal, the inspector-general of police and the government in the lawsuit.
Sakri was the officer who had led the operation to seize the money.
In his statement of claim, Rauf said Umno had entrusted its president to source and manage political funding and donations for the general election.
He said only the party president had access to the election funds or full knowledge of the funds.
Rauf said any balance of the election funds and other assets would be handed over by the outgoing Umno president to the incumbent.
He said RM160 million was entrusted to Najib Razak, which was the balance of election funds from the 14th general election.
He added that the police had conducted a search and seizure at a luxury apartment at the Pavilion Residences on May 17.
In a press conference on May 25, he said, Amar announced that RM114 million in cash was seized by the raiding team.
But on June 28, Umno said, Amar announced that the amount seized was RM116.7 million, not RM114 million.
Umno is seeking, among others, a declaration that the search and seizure on the said premise was illegal; an order to return the RM116.7 million to Umno; an order to return the RM43 million difference between RM160 million and RM116.7 million to the party, and damages. -FMT

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  1. Aikkk... I thought UMNO should provide the inventory list to PDRM for claiming that those money and other assets belonged to them. It must be accompanied with solid evidence to proof those properties were indeed belonged to UMNO. If they failed to do so, drag those who filed the claim by the collar, kick them into jails, lock and throw away the keys.