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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Bridal photoshoot at cemetery stirs controversy

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KLUANG: A bridal photo shoot at a Christian cemetery has caused a stir on social media.
The viral video of several women dressed elegantly in Malay wedding gowns while posing beside tombstones received brickbats for being distasteful.
In an immediate response to the furore, St Louis Church Kluang parish priest Monsignor Peter Ng said there are plans to improve security at the Catholic graveyard in Jalan Rambutan.
“The church is aware outsiders were at the graveyard that day and had taken photos and videos.
“I spoke to them and advised them not to publish anything online, ” he said.
He added that the women apologised and left soon after.
“We forgive them, ” he said.
The bridal shop owner, identified as Nur Amirah Mohd Amiruddin, 26, had since
issued a five-minute apology video online
and expressed her willingness to accept
full responsibility.
“Please do not blame the models, photographers and make-up artist, they do not know anything, and I admit what I did was wrong.
“I hope the pictures and videos could be deleted, even though I know it is impossible, ” she said.
The recordings were taken last Sunday.
Nur Amirah had also deactivated her Facebook account and set her Instagram page to private.
Meanwhile Johor Criminal Investigation Department chief Senior Asst Comm Md Yusof Ahmad said they have recorded statements from some of those involved, including the owner of a bridal shop.
“So far no one has been arrested as we are only questioning those involved.
“Although the owner of the bridal shop has made a public apology on the matter, the police will still continue to investigate the case, ” he said yesterday.
He added the bridal shop owner, in her statement, said she only wanted to do something “out-of-the-ordinary”.
“However the act of trespassing into the cemetery of other religions has become a sensitive issue, ” he added.
He said those involved could face a jail term of one year, fine or both, upon conviction.
Also questioned, he said, was the individual who recorded the video for the sharing of offensive and menacing content under the Communications and Multimedia Act (CMA) 1998.
Those guilty face a maximum fine of RM50,000 or a jail term not exceeding one year or both.
However some netizens are not satisfied with Nur Amirah’s apology.
“This is all free marketing, a video apology is not enough after making such a huge mistake. Selling your tears in the hope that netizen would forgive you.
“Is being stupid the main criteria for being famous now?, ” said Facebook user Nabila Isa.
Muhammad Hanafi Abu Bakar said those involved should have realised what they were doing was wrong, from the very start.
“The photographer, models, and make-up artist should have refused to do this nonsense job in the first place.
“Have none of you ever thought that this would create a negative issue?” he said.- Star

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