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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Harapan-BN shouting match - be mature, advises EC

TG PIAI POLLS | Election Chief Azhar Harun wants politicians taking part in the Tanjung Piai by-election to show some political maturity.
This after Pakatan Harapan and BN campaigners had a shouting match in front of the Kukup night market today with both sides claiming they had a permit to be at the venue.
When Malaysiakini arrived on the scene, the two sides had parked their respective trucks opposite the market's entrance, about 30 meters apart.
Both were using their loudspeakers in an attempt to drown the other out.

Pasir Gudang Umno Youth information chief Madyasir Ahmad Basir told reporters that an MCA ceramah truck had arrived in the area first, followed not long after by some 10 Harapan campaigners and an entourage of about 50 BN people.
Umno Youth exco member Wan Muhammad Azri Wan Deris was seen to be among the BN campaigners, teasing Bersatu Youth members by calling them 'Armanja' (softies) instead of 'Armada', their official moniker. 
One unidentified BN speaker then said they wanted to save Harapan candidate Karmaine Sardini - who had served as an imam - from representing a bad government.
It was difficult to tell what each side was saying with BN delivering their jabs through speeches while Harapan heckled them to leave.
At one point, a woman riding pillion on a motorbike covered her ears as she passed the two warring sides.
The shouting match lasted for about 20 minutes before the trucks left the scene, while Azri, Madyasir and some others stayed behind.
At this point, a Harapan truck arrived at the scene with Pasir Gudang Bersatu member Wan Hazan Hasbullah in the front passenger seat (above).
But in complete contrast to what had transpired just moments earlier, Wan Hazan rolled down his window and cheerfully greeted the Umno people who shook his hand before insisting on taking a picture of him.
Everyone then dispersed peaceably. 
When contacted, Azhar said the EC hoped political parties and candidates could cooperate and control their supporters so that there were no provocations.
"Show political maturity and don't disrupt public order or campaign in a way that will cause discord or threaten harmony," he told Malaysiakini.  - Mkini

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