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Thursday, November 7, 2019

MIC Youth urges Plus reconsider closure of Touch 'n Go reload lanes

Plus Malaysia Berhad (Plus) has been urged to gather feedback from the public before committing to its decision to shut down Touch 'n Go (T'nG) reload lanes on toll highways.
Negeri Sembilan MIC Youth wing chief Ramis Balakrishnan said the move to close the lanes would have a more adverse effect on road users than solving traffic congestion, as claimed by Plus.
He said this after a peaceful demonstration by members at the Seremban South toll exit today, in protest against Transport Minister Anthony Loke, who is also the MP for Seremban.
The protest came following the announcement by Plus that effective last Tuesday, Nov 5, all reload lanes at its highway toll plazas would be closed. 

The move, it said, was aimed at reducing congestion caused by reload activities and to prevent accidents.
“Plus’ reason to close the reload lanes due to traffic congestions do not make sense. If there is congestion, then just open a special lane for reloading (of TnG cards),” Ramis told reporters.
He said a special lane with reload facilities would also provide more job opportunities.
“Assuming there are 94 exit tolls in the country, with a special reload lane, it will provide employment opportunities to up to 282 people (94 tolls x one employee per shift x three shifts),” Ramis elaborated.
Following this morning’s demonstration, the MIC Youth wing also submitted a memo to Plus officials, urging the management and the government to study the closure decision at toll exits.
“Plus must answer as to what would happen to road users using the highway at night when they do not have sufficient T'nG value. They (road users) would be like beggars at the toll plaza.
“The (T'nG) e-Wallet service can only be used on Klang highway... Most petrol stations also do not provide T'nG reload facilities after midnight,” Ramis said.
He said this would also be troublesome for older road users, pregnant women or unwell drivers who would have to go to rest and recreation (R&R) stops to reload.
“What’s more, at rest stops, such as the ones at Pagoh and Machap, the reload points are quite a distance from the parking area.”
Ramis pointed out that there is no reload centre from the Seremban toll to the Senawang toll, further inconveniencing road users on the route.
Yesterday, Economic Affairs Minister Mohamed Azmin Ali also urged Plus to reconsider the closure of the Touch 'n Go facilities at the highway toll plazas. - Mkini

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