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Monday, December 28, 2020

KJ’s little misadventure


I am not being bad-hearted. Sometimes I think it is good for ministers and VIPs to encounter some misfortunate. I am referring to Khairy Jamaluddin’s little accident due to a pothole on the road.

Immediately JKR sprang into action and tendered its apologies to the minister. I am quite sure that little pothole that caused him the fall will be patched up in no time.

Maybe the ministers and VIPs are not aware that potholes are everywhere. 

But we ordinary citizens know where they are. Not only that; we have also developed the skill to navigate around these potholes to avoid accidents.

So here is the situation in our country – there is no maintenance or SOP to do anything. People will be left to fend for themselves unless something unusual happens.

So what is new when we have potholes big and small, clogged drains, flash floods, bridges precariously holding to position, schools, dormitories and flats in dilapidating conditions and families living in highway rest areas and in Proton Saga? 

So what is new when we have frequent water contamination and burst pipes that caused hardship to millions dwelling in high-rise flats?

Sometimes the simplest excuse we hear is that the authorities are not aware of the daily hardship faced by the people. 

They need reports to prompt them into attention; otherwise, they are pitch-dark blind and in total oblivion of what is going on in the country.

Forgive my stubbornness. I still believe Malaysia is a rich country. 

When we see the opulence in government and marques zooming in and out of their posh offices, we know the availability of money is just a matter of allocation and priority.

People having a full-time job do not have to live in rest areas or in Proton Saga. 

They do not have to fall into potholes or suffer flash floods or water cut every now and then.

Sorry KJ, your little misfortunate has given me the opportunity to write something for the attention of the government you are part of.  - Mkini

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor, TK Chua and do not necessarily represent the views of MMKtT.

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