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10 APRIL 2024

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Robbed and beaten, kidnap victim jumps from moving car to escape


A man jumped from a moving car to escape after he was robbed last night and held for 10 hours by four men in a kidnapping incident in Teluk Perang, Perak.

Acting Perak Tengah District police chief DSP Nik Rosdi Nik Yahya said the victim, aged 25, was driving his Honda HRV around Teluk Perang at around 8.30pm when he was stopped by four men in a Proton Waja.

Nik Rosdi said three of the suspects got down from the Proton Waja, with two of them introducing themselves as police officers who wanted to conduct a check on the victim and his car.

"The victim agreed to be checked and cooperated before being handcuffed and his head was covered with a black mask. He was then taken into his car with three of the suspects and the remaining suspect following them in the Proton Waja.

"The victim was taken for a very long ride and beaten. He was also forced to hand over his personal belongings, including two mobile phones, a wallet containing personal identification cards, an ATM card and RM200 in cash,” he said in a statement released in Parit today.

Nik Rosdi said that while the kidnapping suspects in the car were unaware, the victim, who heard a sermon from a mosque in the early morning, became determined enough to open the car door and jumped out to save himself.

He said the victim ran to the mosque and sought help from the public before being taken to the Taiping police station.

He said the Perak Tengah District police headquarters received information about the victim at around 7.30am and discovered that the man was the individual the police were looking for following a police report made by a woman earlier that morning.

"Around 1.40am, the Parit police station received a report from a woman, aged 25, stating that she received a call from her husband around 9.30pm on Tuesday, informing her that he was involved in an accident in Simpang Papan, Pusing, and asked for RM50,000 as compensation for the vehicle he had rammed.

"The line then went dead and the woman received another call stating that the price had dropped to RM20,000 and asked her to transfer it immediately to her husband’s Maybank account, after which the line went dead again. She was unable to reach her husband’s mobile phone after that,” Nik Rosdi said.

He said the woman and her father went out to look for the victim but failed to find him. They then lodged a report at the police station and efforts were then made to locate the husband.

Nik Rosdi urged those with information to assist the investigation and to inform the police if they locate a Honda HRV with the licence plate AKC 939.


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