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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Perikatan Nasional a Malay-Muslim govt? That's a lie, says Mahathir


Former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad today ridiculed Perikatan Nasional (PN)'s claim of being a Malay-Muslim government.

He said such a claim was a lie because the PN federal administration today is standing on the support of non-Muslim parliamentarians.

Without the non-Muslim MPs who are supporting PN, the government could collapse at any time, Mahathir said.

"Who is this PN? Is it really truly a Malay-Muslim government? But if we count properly their numbers, they (PN) cannot be a government without the support of non-Muslims.

"That is why the non-Muslim (MPs) are accepted in the government. There are two or three non-Muslims now because that is the only edge they have in terms of numbers.

"If these two or three Chinese and Indian (MPs) withdraw their support, then the government would collapse. This means that the two or three non-Muslims can defeat the (so-called) Malay-Muslim government," he said.

The pro-tem Pejuang chairperson was speaking at a party event held in Shah Alam today, where he delivered a message to party members on their plans for 2021.

Mahathir was referring to non-Muslim MPs from MCA and MIC as well as former PKR MPs who defected with Azmin Ali, who are now a part of the number that supports the PN government today.

'Anwar can go home'

Speaking to reporters later, Mahathir also touched on his political relationship with opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, and the latter's claim of having enough numbers in Parliament to form a new government.

Reiterating his claim that it was Anwar who rejected his offer to cooperate, Mahathir told Anwar that he can "go home" with his claim of having the majority in Parliament.

He said Anwar had been saying many times that he could form the next government, but this never materialised.

"When Pakatan Harapan lost its power, and we are no longer the government, we tried to work together. Even though Bersatu was no longer in Harapan, we have what we call Pakatan Harapan Plus.

"We offered cooperation with Harapan, but Anwar rejected me just like that. I said I would only be prime minister for another six months, he rejected that. Even when we named Shafie Apdal (as PM candidate), he said cannot.

"But he cannot be a prime minister without enough support. Without us (Pejuang and Warisan), he doesn't have the numbers. And he claimed that he has a strong, formidable, and convincing majority.

"Pergi balik lah (Go home)," Mahathir said.

Asked on Anwar having purportedly promised to step down as the opposition chief if he could not prove his majority during the recent Dewan Rakyat sitting, the veteran politician chided those who trusted Anwar's words.

He mentioned an example of when Anwar claimed he could form the federal government back in 2008.

"Everybody (the opposition members then) wore neckties, prepared to go for the swearing-in ceremony. Many times he said he had the majority, but it still did not happen.

"So, if you still want to trust what he says, then that is your problem.

"As far as I am concerned, I do not believe whatever he says anymore." - Mkini

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