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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Consider rakyat before setting date to resign from govt posts - Umno info chief


Umno information chief Shahril Sufian Hamdan has called on the party’s cabinet ministers to consider the people’s interests before resigning from their posts in the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government.

“Is pulling out now the best move? That must be discussed. Perhaps we may feel that it is best for Umno but it will have an effect on the people. So Umno must also consider that and I am confident it will,” he said.

Met by reporters after being a panellist on the ‘Malaysia Democracy Forum: Drafting the Future of Parliamentary Democracy in Malaysia’ today, Shahril (above) said no time frame had been given to those holding posts to relinquish them.

“August has been touted by a state representative and his logic was because that is the month the emergency is supposed to end. But the right or decision of the supreme council and party president is not fixed on one date only. It may or may not be August,” he said.

Following the decision of the recent Umno general assembly to withdraw its support for the PN government, all Umno cabinet ministers, deputy ministers, and those appointed heads of government-linked companies (GLCs) have been told to resign from their posts.

Meanwhile, constitutional law expert Prof Shamrahayu Abd Aziz said although the resignation of Umno ministers and deputy ministers from the cabinet would not affect the Dewan Rakyat composition, it could have a big impact on PN.

“They are just resigning from the posts held, not stepping down as MPs.

“But it is relevant. If the resignations also show that they are withdrawing their support or trust in the government, then this can have a huge impact on the composition of the government’s position itself,” she told reporters at the forum.

Shamrahayu, who is also the Institution of the Malay Rulers chair at Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), said every political party must return to its own political struggle.

“Whether it is PAS or Bersatu or PKR or UMNO even, refer to what they have promised to the establishment of the political party itself. I think it is a good move to unite these political parties not only for the benefit of Malays but also for the sake of national political stability,” she said.

Thus, she said all parties needed to avoid actions that could lead to a negative situation in the country, including foreign investment and the people’s economic position.


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