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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

PSM disputes Kelantan's claim Nenggiri dam will lead to cheaper electricity


Parti Sosialis Malaysia has disputed Kelantan Deputy Menteri Besar Mohd Amar Abdullah's claim that the Nenggiri Dam will lead to cheaper electricity for the people.

On the contrary, PSM environment and climate crisis bureau coordinator Sharan Raj (photo, above) said it might lead to higher electricity prices.

"According to the Energy Commission's report, the total over-capacity of power plants (known as the electricity reserve margin rate) will reach 43 percent in 2027 when Nenggiri Dam starts operations.

"High electricity reserve margin rate will only increase the overall electricity tariff as the power plants' shareholders receive a fixed payment for the unused power plant," he said in a statement.

Sharan said the recommended optimum electricity reserve margin rate for Peninsular Malaysia is 15 percent, while the federal government set the electricity reserve margin rate to be at 25 percent for 2025-2029.

"Why is the PN government going against its own electricity policy?" he asked.

Sharan said the claim that the electricity tariff will go down was misleading.

"PSM urges the government to scrap the construction of Nenggiri Dam, which will only enrich the crony capitalists by burdening the people and destroying the Orang Asli community's livelihood," he said.

The Temiar tribe have said the project will threaten their way of life and livelihood.

The dam is expected to submerge three villages, vast areas the Orang Asli claim to be the customary land that they rely on to survive and archaeological sites, including Gua Cha.

The Kelantan government has defended the dam project, claiming that it will result in cheaper electricity. - Mkini

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