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Sunday, May 30, 2021

Annuar Musa: 360 private clinics in FT to be registered for Covid-19 vaccination


More vaccination centres (PPVs) will be available in the federal territories after 360 private clinics have registered for the purpose, said Federal Territories Minister Annuar Musa.

“A total of 360 private clinics in the federal territories have registered to be PPVs and 273 of them have received their letters of award (LOA).

“The target is to triple the rate now. May Allah make it easier,” he tweeted yesterday evening.

Annuar, who is Ketereh MP, said that in addition, 40 “mobile trucks” are being prepared and that the federal territories will use all efforts to expedite the vaccination process to the community.

On Friday, the Federation of Private Medical Practitioners Associations (FPMPAM) called on the government to involve clinics on a mass scale in the Covid-19 vaccination effort.

Its president Dr Steven Chow said the government should focus on rolling out the Covid-19 vaccines through private general practitioners and government health clinics nationwide rather than a handful of centralised vaccination centres.

Chow added that 7,000 GPs and thousands of government health clinics can easily vaccinate 50 patients a day and together with private hospitals can quickly achieve critical mass. - Mkini

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