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Sunday, May 30, 2021

'Total lockdown' SOP: What you need to know


Defence Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob today outlined the standard operating procedures (SOP) for the total lockdown that will come into force next Tuesday (June 1), which mostly resemble what was enforced during the first movement control order (MCO 1.0) in March last year.

The total lockdown will see most economic and social sectors closed except for essential services while the movement of people will also be curbed.

The general outline of the “total lockdown” SOP is as follows:

  1. Only two persons per household may leave the house. A third person from the household will be allowed to travel for medical and emergency reasons.
  2. Leaving the house is only allowed for work (essential service), and to purchase food, medicine and basic necessities.
  3. Two per vehicle for taxi and e-hailing vehicles.
  4. No travel beyond 10km allowed. If getting medical services that are not present in the radius, one can travel to the next nearest one beyond the 10km radius.
  5. Jogging and individual exercise allowed in the neighbourhood area. No physical touch allowed with 2-3 metres social distancing.
  6. All child care centres to close except those serving children whose parent is a frontliner or both parents have to work.
  7. Malls to close but tenants listed as essential services may open.
  8. Prayers at places of worship limited to 12 people. No outsiders allowed.
  9. Public transportation will still function but at 50 percent capacity

Defence Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob

Any businesses considered as essential services may only operate from 8am to 8pm.

However, businesses hours for the following may vary:

  • Market: 6am - 2pm
  • Farmer's market: 6am to 4pm
  • Wholesale market: 12am-6am and 11am-4pm
  • Petrol station: 6am-8pm (Those along highways can operate 24 hours)

Health Ministry director-general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said Covid-19 cases are projected to hit 13,000 by June 15.

As such, he said a stricter form of MCO, similar to the one implemented in March last year, was necessary.

Ismail said the public healthcare system could soon be paralysed if the total lockdown was not implemented.

“With hospital bed capacity, including those in the intensive care unit already at maximum, it is not impossible that the country’s healthcare system will be paralysed soon if a total lockdown was not implemented," he added.

The total lockdown is set to run from June 1 to June 14.

“These two weeks will be very important... Only with the people’s cooperation and discipline can we save our healthcare system from paralysis,” Ismail said.

Complete list: Sectors allowed to operate

Complete list: Sectors not allowed to operate

 - Mkini

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