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Monday, May 31, 2021

YOURSAY | Full lockdown - we're back to square one


YOURSAY | 'More than a year of sickness, deaths and economic pain – all our sacrifices are wasted.'

Three-phase 'total lockdown' to kick off on June 1

Clever Voter: The prime minister is forced to eat his own words. His commitment to overcome the pandemic has been questionable ever since the country’s Covid-19 numbers hit a record high.

Our health infrastructures have been stretched to breaking point, and even the urbanites are fed up with having to compete for vaccine appointments.

The country's already bruised economy will turn for the worse. How many more broken promises can we take from this PM?

Salvage Malaysia: First, the PM promised to do a targeted MCO, but went for national MCO instead. Sorry, it wasn’t even national as Sarawak said go fly kite.

Then the PM appeared for an interview, stressing why the government couldn’t afford to do another full lockdown. Within days, he announced a full lockdown nationwide. Again, Sarawak told him to go fly kite.

If the Council of Rulers still doesn’t stand up and act against this madness, the entire country may crash and burn under Perikatan Nasional (PN).

WhiteRaven7519: An earlier commenter said it best. We are back to March 2020.

More than a year of sickness, deaths and economic pain – all our sacrifices wasted. Nothing can be done about that now, but please make sure infections fall to near zero before reopening this time.

And please, forget about the Sarawak elections for now. Don’t let the selfish interests of a few politicians jeopardise the health of millions.

BrownShark8874: I just wish to clarify what the Health director-general (DG) said when he said 46 percent of the clusters were work/manufacturing clusters.

He failed to mention that these work/manufacturing clusters started from the events (Ramadan bazaars, university students balik kampung, etc) that took place prior to Hari Raya.

It is therefore not surprising to see the virus emerging in work/manufacturing clusters after the Raya holidays.

Kingfisher 666: I would conclude that the National Security Council (NSC) got no balls to implement a tougher lockdown six weeks ago, even though the numbers were showing an upward trend. It was done half-heartedly.

Two weeks of lockdown is definitely not enough. Don't give us false hope again. Six weeks is more realistic.

Paladin92: My dear compatriots, I pray for your safety and that you will come out of this situation in good health.

We are all prisoners in our own country, held hostage by an incompetent government. Do not depend on the government but protect yourself by strictly observing the safety protocols.

BlueShark1548: We all know why we are in this dire situation.

Now, however, please think of those who are less fortunate, people who had lost jobs or are facing financial problems or other difficulties. We have to take care of one another and help those who need our help, especially the seniors and OKUs (the disabled), and those who are living alone.

Reach out, Malaysians!

Vijay47: True, there is so much to complain about the government, Covid management, SOP compliance and enforcement.

But let us save the griping and whining for another day. Right now, a ferocious enemy increasingly stronger is already biting away at the castle walls, we have no choice but to bite the bullet and focus our full resources on fighting this foe.

Like it or not, we must comply with every necessary precaution imposed by an unpopular government and if this means a regimented life for 14 days or more, so be it.

We will surely lose much of our liberties and almost all our conveniences. That is the unfortunate price we have to pay - don’t even think of the alternative.

Yet let us not forget the poor, the ill, and those lost souls living on the streets. They must be cared for; if you have even RM10 ringgit in your pocket, you are a rich man.

Let our life code for today and tomorrow be ‘stay home, stay home, stay home’.

Apanakdikato: This is what happens when communal politics reign in a country, instead of meritocracy.

While no country has really won the war against Covid in this region, one can see how a well-managed country like Singapore has fared much better and far ahead in its vaccination campaign compared to Malaysia.

Last year, while Malaysian politicians were busy fighting for positions and perks in the government, Singapore leaders were busy planning for their vaccination programme.

When Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin was busy expanding his already bloated PN cabinet, the Singapore government was busy preparing short and long-term contingency plans to address the effects of Covid on education, the economy, and national security.

Muhyiddin and his ministers simply do not have the aptitude and wisdom needed to run the country and they have no idea how to manage the pandemic.

The NSC comprises mostly of incompetent and self-serving politicians who are creating more and more irreversible damage and huge financial losses for the country with each failed MCO.

The best brains in the country are not involved in managing the pandemic and economy. Rather, they have been sidelined by the PN for selfish political reasons.

For their political backing of the PN government, incompetent and shady politicians like Tajuddin Abdul Rahman were rewarded with top positions in various GLCs and government agencies, leading to their poor performance and financial losses.

This failed government, just like the Covid virus, needs to be stopped from causing further damage.

Quo Vadis: In times of national crisis, the prime minister can be the source of reassurance, confidence and hope. Sadly, very sadly, we just have a PMO (Prime Minister’s Office) statement when it came to announcing the lockdown.

We have a leadership that is increasingly fractured, faceless, and irrelevant.

YellowTiger1314: Why the need for a tougher MCO, Muhyiddin? You said in January that declaring an emergency is the best way to fight Covid. Now we have MCO on top of emergency, on top of another MCO. Still, you screw up.

I know we didn’t choose you to govern, but you don't have to treat us like idiots. - Mkini

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