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Monday, May 31, 2021

YBs, if you are not helping, please keep quiet


The numbers of Covid-19 infections and fatalities keep rising and we are in very critical times.

Those of us in chat groups must have lost count of the hundreds of messages and updates on the pandemic we have been receiving daily. The sighing, whining and complaints we hear regularly from our friends can be very depressing.

Oh yes, they are. As if we do not have enough personal, family or work-related issues to handle, we are being bombarded with unhappy, dreadful and stressful accounts in our hometown, our district or state, nation and even from abroad.

Some of us must have consciously attempted to shut off all the negative vibes around us. We stop reading all the sad, miserable news which we know would not make us happy but likely to stress us.

There was one occasion when I pleaded with my friends not to post anything on “Politics, Covid-19 or Palestine” (which I termed “PCP”) just for 24 hours. It didn’t work.

Serious. We cannot even refrain from posting any PCP stuff, even for a day!

On May 29, when the Health Ministry reported 9,020 new Covid-19 cases, setting a record high for the fifth consecutive day, with 98 deaths, all hell seemed to break loose.

After reading the usual sighs and moans, I decided to post this sarcastic message, acting like a cynic, “Oh, only 9,000 cases. Why so little, ah? I thought should be 15,000 cases by now. Next week, maybe 20,000. Hello, didn’t the DG of MOH caution us to prepare for the worst to come? So, why are we shocked?”

As if the constant negativity from our friends is not enough to stress us out, what is even worse are the sighs, moans and complaints from elected representatives (the YBs).

Come on, at a time like this, we expect our YBs to be working extra hard and they should know what their priorities are.

Some do know their job in any given situation but the majority are still stupidly attempting to show their prowess at politicking. This is something we don’t need now and it is sick.

Hello YBs, we did not elect you and pay you a salary for politicking. If you do not know what your priorities are now during a pandemic and an emergency, then I suggest you just lie low, stay at home and keep your big mouth shut. The people know how to deal with you at the next election.

That goes for some of the ministers too. Some are just unfit for the job. When we are dealing with life-and-death issues here, I suggest that some of the known incompetent and “groping in the dark” ministers be left out of any decision-making. I see them as part of the problem, not the solution.

Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin

I know, you know, even the prime minister is painfully aware (he should by now) that some of his cabinet members are there just to make up the numbers.

So, please Mr Muhyiddin Yassin, you have taken the first step by chopping off the Prasarana chairperson. You must be aware that more heads should roll, in the cabinet as well as the GLCs.

You should know that we cannot afford to pay seat-warmers now. You have said it yourself, “The government has no money now.”

Last week, I expressed my sympathy and empathy for you, Muhyiddin but Malaysiakini readers were very unhappy. Most of them felt you do not deserve any at all. 

Let me share with you what one reader wrote:

“This is one stupid PM who is clinging on to his post. The Covid-19 pandemic wouldn't be so bad if the PM was not so stupid. From relaxing mass gatherings to implementation of the vaccines, it was all a big joke and this paloi (stupid) let it happen. Why must Pharmaniaga be involved in the distribution of the vaccine? Elsewhere, the government procured and implemented vaccination but here, the ministers must make money - even from vaccination.”

Mr Muhyiddin, you have been officially informed by your own people how unpopular your administration is. I’m sorry to have added to the wound, but this is the truth. Perhaps, it’s time to do the only right thing – step aside.

There have been too many statements and gaffes from our ministers and YBs which suggest that they are at a total loss on what to do.

When they were cornered, they would never admit their mistakes. That is another problem – their oversized ego!

I would not mention names of ministers or YBs whom I have little or no respect for, job-wise. There are too many of them and some are from my homeland, Sarawak.

The Sarawak state elections will be held soon. During this difficult time, we still see YBs quarrelling with their opponents in the media over trivial matters unrelated to the pandemic.

What were they thinking? When people are suffering and unable to settle bills, when families have no food and children are hungry, when the infected are fighting for their lives in the ICUs, all these paloi YBs can think of is getting votes in the election.

Please lah, YBs, if you know you are unable to help contain this pandemic which is the top priority today, then please learn to shut your trap.

We believe there is a cure for the virus but there is no cure for stupidity, particularly paloi YBs. - Mkini

FRANCIS PAUL SIAH is the author of "Hijack in Malaysia: The Fall of Pakatan Harapan". Obtain autographed copies from sirsiah@gmail.com

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of MMKtT.

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