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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

China's Fourth Aircraft Carrier Under Construction - Larger Than US Carriers

 China already has two aircraft carriers under sail. The third carrier is nearing completion and will be launched in the second half of this year 2021.

Their fourth aircraft carreir is also under construction already. 


My guess is by 2025 - 2026 the Chinese will most likely have SIX aircraft carriers - at the pace they are building. It is also significant that the Chinese are fully equipping their aircraft carrier groups with all the necessary ancillary equipment ie the airplanes, escort vessels (destroyers and cruisers) and submarines.

Each carrier will have on board at least 40 jet planes. The larger 3rd and 4th carriers may have up to 60 planes on board. That is already almost 300 warplanes on four carriers. 

The Chinese are building at such a frantic pace that they are building brand new shipyards at Wuhan (Yangtze River), Jiangnan (Shanghai), Bohai (Dalian) and other places to accommodate their building schedules. I believe the Chinese are mass producing their aircraft carriers whereby huge sections of the aircraft carriers are fabricated inland and transported to the shipyards to be 'assembled'.  You can see that in the video. This saves huge amounts of time and cost. 

I really like to say more about China. In good time. Someday soon, within the next 10 years, China would have surpassed the entire world put together not only in trade, industry and defense but China will emerge as the world's sole mega-power. They will stay there for a while. How I wish I was born in 2060 instead of 1960. The world will be so different.

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