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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

June 2021 - the month Covid-19 ravaged Malaysia despite lockdown


The month of June saw the highest number of people dying due to Covid-19 despite strict lockdown measures imposed since June 1.

This month alone, 2,374 deaths were attributed to Covid-19, which is nearly double the number of deaths in May (1,289).

On average, 80 people died every day due to Covid-19 this month, or 3.3 deaths per hour.

This figure does not include the number of people who died due to other complications after officially recovering from Covid-19.

June also saw 242 people pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital who were certified to have died due to Covid-19.

This amounts to one in every 10 Covid-19 fatalities dying before they had a chance to be treated.

The number of active clusters, which reached new highs in mid-May, has continued increasing throughout June.

A cluster moves from active to "expired" status after 28 days pass and no new cases are attributed to it.

These clusters are monitored by contact tracers who attempt to identify potential contacts of Covid-19 positive cases for testing.

The increasing number of active clusters to monitor will stretch the efficacy of contact tracing efforts.

Despite strict lockdown measures in June, there are more new clusters that have emerged compared to the month prior.

There were 656 new clusters classified in June, up 23 percent from the 533 classified in May.

Currently, the Health Ministry no longer shares details on how the clusters develop over time.

Based on the latest update from the Health Ministry, the majority of new Covid-19 cases in the Klang Valley are caused by "sporadic" spread, rather than clusters.

In June, the number of workplace clusters (425) was strangely double that of May (219) despite most workplaces having shuttered.

This month saw workplace clusters outnumber other clusters two to one. The ratio was 1.37 to one from January until May.

The number of Covid-19 patients requiring intensive care has stagnated throughout much of June, averaging 893 cases each day.

A similar trend was observed among Covid-19 patients who require a ventilator to breathe, averaging 447 cases each day.

These figures do not include patients who are in intensive care but are categorised as "probably" or "suspected" Covid-19 cases.

The number of samples collected from suspected Covid-19 carriers had dropped by 6.4 percent in June compared to the month before.

Sampling peaked in late May and early June before slowly reducing over the subsequent weeks.

Sampling should not be confused as "tests performed" and as a direct determinant of "positivity rate" because not every sample taken is tested on the same day.

To understand more about the significance of sampling and positivity rate, please read this article.

- Mkini

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